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    Sith Reborn: DarthPhoenix

    Reborn? We never died out. >:D
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    About the new ms deal....

    Since when does membership ever mean you are suppose to find one every so often? Last I checked it was only suppose to increase your odds over being a non member. Quick count, how many shiny pokemon has anyone found as a non member?
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    About the new ms deal....

    Ok getting this off my chest because what Fiona said really is starting to bother me. I don't want or need your donation. I don't see a penny of it. You want and need donations provided by yourself and others so you can continue to play this game. I don't play this game personally anymore so...
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    Game: Updating spawns and rarity rates.

    That's more work than I think is needed. Over a long time spawn with a good number of players a visual will start to be formed. A single player or a short duration will not be enough .
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    S gyarados lvl 101

    I'm also ok with this. Locking topic as it's a non-issue.
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    Tecknical updates

    Update on... myself As I have mostly been inactive for a few months now I feel I should post why. About 2 months ago I started a new job. The job was 80 miles away from where I worked so I have been driving every day, 150+ miles every day to and from work while I look for a new place to live...
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    Achievement system.

    Bis_Eastwood speaks the truth. There should be some updates that targets new players, and others that target 'vets'. The key is to make it so that you have a balance between helping and hurting each type of player in the course of a bunch of updates, not just a single one. Big picture > Short...
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    Guild Release Members

    I under my own desire decided to help one person who asked for a person to be kicked from his guild. Now everyone is expecting the same treatment, when they should not be.
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    ReBacking The Guild War And Official Tourneys And Ranking Sy

    Re: ReBacking The Guild War And Official Tourneys And Rankin If you want the staff to stop all production on game content to do this 8 months out of the year.... sure.
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    Chillaxing with FRED :D

    I suggest inviting George and having some fun next time.
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    Event: Lapras Hunting

    Would a secondary objective help in this situation? One that provides more noticeable advancement?
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    24 Hour Time Between Battles

    The database stores the information, the server processes the logic.
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    24 Hour Time Between Battles

    Our scripting language does not deal with gym cool down times. That is handled by our server which is in c++ and the database.
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    24 Hour Time Between Battles

    Your both failing to understand each other, so let me help. First off, date/time is kept in the format dd/mm/yyyy then hh/mm/ss or something similar. When you go to re-battle an npc the time is recorded and nothing is changed. The date however is the one being changed based off the cool down...
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    Healing Items outside of Battle

    I brought this up, because last time I was exploring the utility of items outside of battles I left these healing items in the normal slot with not effect. Rather than hear questions or speculations about them being used, all I heard was bug reports and complaints about not being in the potion...
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    Healing Items outside of Battle

    To note: in order for healing items to be used outside of battle they will have to appear in the regular items pocket in the bag. Not in the potions pocket.
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    Battle System Updates

    Update: Real life issues have pulled me away from pwo til further notice, my personal time has been dramatically cut and as a result I am hesitant to change anything to the game unless I know I have adequate time for testing.
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    Battle System Updates

    Incorrect, this is a glitch.
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    Guild feature

    I suggest players move off of the idea of staff giving prizes for events not ran by the staff themselves.
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    I assure you the important TMs will be released by summer. Issue is TM's are made available in a variety of ways in the handhelds, ways that are not available in pwo. As such we face a challenge of getting them in game without simply having them all be sold in the dept store, players may like...