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    alakazams spdef bug?

    not sure where to post this but while making my new shop {omni's over stocked shop ;) } i noticed something weird with my alakazams spdef alakazam on veekun it says lower then possible iv in spdef but in pwo it has a value of 8
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    the dragon is reborn

    Hello I feel I have to re-introduce myself since I haven't been on much and when I was I was mostly hunting and would say a few words here and there...but I mostly just talked and made it my business to help others in chats....since before mods...but I digress.. I started out just a normal...
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    I guess this is the end...

    Im tired of this game...and I don't mean pwo itself.I will not re explain my situation but im leaving pwo.for those of you who got to know me...REALLY know me..king123 mr.flare mrp(if he's still around) Jesse_hunter wiinolikepsp scythermaster arrows23 mirral przkid brenz21 kching scottylfc...
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    the dragon spirits have spoke to me

    i was out driving this morning and was bored out of my mind then i looked up to see a dragonair in the clouds,i knew nobody would beleve me so i pulled out my phone but a lil too late i didnt catch the head too good but there was the horn and everything:P
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    Help with froum avatar?

    Can anybody explain what I need for froum avatar?i had one but it showed up as question mark on my sig is still there but doesnt show up when I post...any ideas?
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    raising the priority of pwo on task manager wouldnt affect game play would it?
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    has anyone had any major client issues?

    if you ever had any problems with your client please list here name of problem type of computer your using other programs opened while these problems occur how you fixed it(if fixed) and i would say firewall but i bealive thats only causes problems with maps i have noticed for some reason i...
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    So you think you can pwo ? O.o

    How many here are fast enough to go left and right while staying still ^.^
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    Its been a long journy

    Im kinda stuck in a bad leader of renegade rebels i uphold the rules of the guild.main one being no1 is allowed in with history or hacking/ seriously that i had a problem inviting my best friend in pwo(jesse_hunter)back in guild even though he was banned due to someone...
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    faild capture

    server froze when i found a dratini :(
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    Released Pokes

    well i was looking tru the released pokes on my crusher123 account when i realised i had some pokes i released i was wondering if i could get them back,some are from old friends who dont play nomore(when ur not busy of course...) here are their id's 03035030 02233851 02233739 02250064...
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    In Memory Of Fallen Pwo Friends

    this was a topic before forums started over..but i would like to have a place to remember old friends,so rip to jesse hunter,pkmnhunter,ndavison(my old rival lol),wiinolikepsp,mafia penguin,brennz21,scottylfc,tis the goblin(allways ready to battle),brandon19,and who ever else helped me along the...