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    how do i become staff member jw i looked on forums i cant find out anything plz staff answer
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    the status says locked and yet there is no planned time down i wonder if you are editing map or somthing that i am aware of any one can unlock it so wats up???????????
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    i msged staff

    i was just on the game and i logged out to restart my computer and when i tried to log back in it said server was down yet the site said its up i changed my personal info just in case but it still did the same thing idk what to do am i being hacked?????? plz staff help by the way PWO ROCKS AND...
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    usa staff???

    i was just wondering if there were and usa staff members if not why just wondering it just makes me think cause at 11pm central usa time the server is down yet no admins are able to be found but during the day there everywhere so i was just wondering if there were any usa staff members thx PWO ROCKS
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    im at the 8th gym in johto and i try to verse the gym leader and it says lets battle but it wont go to the battle screen idk i havent tryed to battle her yet im just trying to git all the badges can anyone fix this for me plz