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  1. Prof.Rygar

    Skip the Surfboard, and make it not essential.

    I vote we open the Train to the Route near the E4 after completing a Region. Allowing players to skip the currently "essential" surfboard could encourage them to at least complete all the gyms. They'd easily be able to afford it after we all know they're gonna fail all 4 tries due to one...
  2. Prof.Rygar

    Project Discover Red's Team

    I was thinking about trying to find ways to snoop all the pokemon on Red's E4 team. I came up with a few ideas. Idea 1: I can bring lots of healing. And I Mean LOTS. Max out the Max Potions and Moo Moo Milks, and maybe even get the Presents from the recent event. This way I can stall out his...
  3. Prof.Rygar

    Mart Filter Upgrades

    I'd really like a Filter that removes unwanted pokemon, so I don't have to wade through the dozens of pages of other players garbage pokemon they caught in events. The filter would have to allow me to select multiple pokemon to remove from my sight. Speaking of that, I want to improve the...
  4. Prof.Rygar

    To the player currently holding onto my name for me

    I'll be ready to change my name back in about 2 days.
  5. Prof.Rygar

    Add Tokens as Rewards for completing Quests in Events.

    10K Tokens a month isn't that bad, since there's so few events a year, and tbh, PWO isn't hurting for money now is it? It would allow players to go have fun in the Token Store a couple times a year. It would at least give players a chance to buy MS. A "token" amount of tokens, like 1K, would...
  6. Prof.Rygar

    Mass Storage

    I want another Release Bin added. The idea is, I have a ton of "usable" pokemon, but, also, I have better. For instance, I have an Epic Metagross, and I have some Beldum that would be "usable" if I wanted to train them, or sell them. This is one of dozens of pokemon that I have a good one off...
  7. Prof.Rygar

    What Tutors do we want for this Winder's Event?

    All I can say at this moment is, *DO NOT GIVE US A SLEEP TALK TUTOR* We just barely got REST TMS, and I certainly haven't had enough time to train ANY Pokemon for the purposes of a REST/ TALK Team. I need at least 1 year before that comes around. I have to go catch tons of pokemon with Rest/...
  8. Prof.Rygar

    The latest update broke PMs

    We can't Backspace, so everyone gets to see our glorious typoes. No complains there since I always have perfect penmanship.... >_> But, after typing part of a sentence, it fails to display what we are typing, which compounds the problem. Also, pokemon put in chat don't let us click on them...
  9. Prof.Rygar

    Trade Vouchers for Tutor Moves

    Tagline. Basically, you go to the special NPC in like BT, and he'll teach any Tutor Move for 1 Event Voucher. @Cleveland got the ball rolling here
  10. Prof.Rygar

    No Event is good for PWO

    I like the concept that if there's no event, that hopefully means staff is working on releasing Permanent Content.
  11. Prof.Rygar

    Random accidental button press moves client buttons below the edge of the client

    I still have no idea how this happens. I was playing, accidentally pressed either the right alt, or windows button instead of the space bar, and the client expanded and moved the buttons below what is visible. It also made me have to change tabs before I could regain control.
  12. Prof.Rygar

    Victory Road Easy Egress

    I'd like to suggest you edit the map here like thus: which would remove the need for the Escape Rope salesman. You can use Ledges to prevent people from using this path as a shortcut to get around the Rock Smash rocks.
  13. Prof.Rygar

    Bribing players to PvP more

    I was thinking, This game lacks ways to generate tokens while playing the game. And this game lacks a decent PvP Scene. So I had the idea Give the winners of Random Battles 100 Tokens each time they win, potentially with a cool down timer between matches if you are concerned about...
  14. Prof.Rygar

    New Battle Items inflict status on own pokemon

    In line with the Toxic Orb/ Flame Orb, I'd like to suggest new battle items be created that when used, they will give your own pokemon the status condition you desire.
  15. Prof.Rygar

    Membership to be added to Voucher Store

    1 Voucher gets you a 1 Month Membership. Now that is something I'd be interested in, and would actually encourage me to use a voucher. I have less than ZERO interest in getting crappy IV pokemon by using a Voucher, or SEVERAL Vouchers, and if possible I intend to never get another Voucher...
  16. Prof.Rygar

    Events containing Rare Pokes

    For instance, there was an event where Larvitar was T2, and an event where Magmar was T3. And one event where Snorlax was T5. All of which are normally T5 pokes. And yes, snorlax didn't drop in Tier. That is part of why I pointed it out. There's no standard for staff to follow so they do...
  17. Prof.Rygar

    April Fools Prank:

    Release an "Update" for the client announcing Hoenn will be released soon. AHAHAHAHAHA That alone would be hilarious. But, : Swap all the sprites of the pokemon randomly so you can't tell what they are by looking at them. Possibly, make it so every player gets truly randomized so it is...
  18. Prof.Rygar

    Bike Music Off Option

    Those of us with bikes generally use them all the time we can, and therefore don't hear the games regular music tracks. It would be nice to have an option that prevents the bike music from playing while riding which would in turn give greater ambiance to the game and help us develop greater...
  19. Prof.Rygar

    Should the only Catchable Legendary pokemon be removed from the game?

    In fairness to the other Legendary Pokemon, I hereby petition that ARCANINE be PERMANENTLY REMOVED from Pokemon World Online. @Jinji @Isguros @thunderclap @shodan21 @Jobey
  20. Prof.Rygar

    "Shiny Sparkle Off" Option

    The Sparkles can be Obnoxious, and some of us think there should be an off button for them. Personally, I think there are 2 that are more obnoxious than the rest and want to edit the pictures, but that's beyond my software.