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    Should we be able to just neglect the Farfetch'd to its fate?

    every quest in game should help the new players (mostly) in their journey but since its pwo anything we say doesnt really matter....
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    Event Nightmare in Grimewood

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    Client 1.98.3 / Victory Road

    you are trolling us , right? just admit it ...
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    Client 1.98.2 / The Elite 4

    thank you for letting us evolve our lvl 100 pokes .
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    Client 1.98.2 / The Elite 4

    Thank you for replying Bluerise , i appreciate it.
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    Client 1.98.2 / The Elite 4

    Hello. i would like to know , what will happen to the gligars and sneasels that are lvl 100 ? will they evolve ? . if not then i am asking you to give us a chance to evolve our pokes before the update . thank you for your attention.
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    Should the only Catchable Legendary pokemon be removed from the game?
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    Should the only Catchable Legendary pokemon be removed from the game?

    do you find it difficult to counter it ?
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    Bad Economy is Players fault?

    tokens will be spend very fast and all players would have low amount of pokemoney .In time no one will demand 200m for a single poke
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    Bad Economy is Players fault?

    i was thinking about a solution few years now ,and i think i should share it with you . The solution is a "hard to swallow pill"" but it is a good way to stabilize the economy. My suggestion is to force all the players to accept to trade alll their pokemoney for tokens (with a generous...
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    PWO Marketing Campaign

    the last 5 years more or less we have less than 10 players on at the same time and max 50 players around only in events , its sad.
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    Interesting question... As many before you ask such a question they dint like the answer.
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    Introducing myself as a new staff member

    PWO future is on your hands...... make us proud
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    Remove Pokemon from Game Corner

    tell that to my ex 15 budew eggs . dont give up
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    Event Swarms in the Forests!

    Wait for Meee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How to make "easy" money into the game?

    Very good suggestions. But....................................... What is said in the forum stays in the forum.
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    Client PWO Client v1.98.0

    i changed the recomended folder and instaled it to the different folder and it worked xD ( ty for your support anyway)
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    Client PWO Client v1.98.0

    (Windows dont have access to the selected device, route or file. Maybe you dont have the rights to access to this data) **rough translation*