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    Event Nightmare in Grimewood

    Thank you for the event! I'm a fan of the multiple questline. As a feedback, I suffered for the initial lack of event sellers, because it was unclear if it was worth it to farm items.
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    Event Nightmare in Grimewood

    thank you for the event! I was missing events! Also, nice idea to have different routes!
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    Client Client Update -

    Thank you very much!
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    Event Minusoft Corp. are under attack!

    Thank you very much for the event! it was small but nice! Magnezone, new evolution item, new TMs... looking forward to more events like this one!
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    Is Pokemon world online safe?

    definetely safe!
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    Client 1.98.2 / The Elite 4

    OK, I've narrowed it down to two possibilities: - the fact that, if you hop down the slope in vicotry road without a pokemon with rock smash, you're stuck and you need an escape rope; - the fact that, in the strength puzzle, you can't go on to the normal path if you unlock the secret ladder. Is...
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    Client 1.98.3 / Victory Road

    Thank you for the update! I've been enjoying the quests, especially the strength puzzles in victory road, remind me of the old games and reward thinking. Looking forward to more of that in the future! Also, E4 is challenging and fun. Not sure if they'll input too much money in the game, for what...
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    Client 1.98.2 / The Elite 4

    Thank you! Couldn't wait any more :)
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    Client 1.98.2 / The Elite 4

    wow! so nice! Thank you!
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    Event The Christmas Mission

    Thank you for the event! A little feedback: I think the event was fun and, as altready said, spawns were challenging and fun. Loved the event hunging-wise. All quests were different from anything you tried before and I really appreciate that. I had to think in new ways, and it was fun in the...
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    Introducing myself as a new staff member

    Nice! Keep up with the good work!
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    Event The Joy of Halloween!

    Thank you for the event! I feel an event was needed, now more players are active again. Some piece of feedback: I felt the event could have had a little bit more quests, maybe after having access to the second area. I get it was a hunting event, and it's good to have a variation between hunting...
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    Event The Joy of Halloween!

    Thank you very much! I missed events
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    Event Swarms in the Forests!

    thanks for the much needed item!
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    Event [Closed] Join Pinkan Island to celebrate Valentine's Day!

    Thank you for the event. In hindsight, it was challenging but not impossible to beat the pinkan armor quest, although I still think if was pretty frustrating to get a 10 slowbro streak with no drops. Anyway, it's been fun!
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    Event [Closed] Join Pinkan Island to celebrate Valentine's Day!

    I have to agree this sort of quest is a bit frustrating. What makes it feel hopeless is that the hardest part is required in order to unlock the most highly-sought-after spawn, so the quest and the hunt can't be done in parallel, and instead after much time investment one has to spend much time...
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    Event (Closed) The Year of The Pig Closing Celebration!

    Thank you for the event! I enjoyed it very much. Some feedback: - Duration was enough so that everyone could catch T4 and T5 pokemons; I enjoyed this. - Liked very much the quest in which you needed different moves. It was challenging, fun, and required planning and thinking. I'd enjoy to see...
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    Event Christmas Clash

    thank you for the event, it was really fun!
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    Playerdex Playerdex Update - September 2018

    thank you very much!