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    Tutorial: Remapping buttons for easier hunting.

    I use a program called AutoHotKey because it's the only thing I've found that lets you assign a Mouse Click to the keyboard. ___ 1. Download AutoHotKey and install. 2. Open Notepad and copy/paste the following: LAlt::LButton RShift::LButton RCtrl::2 This turns your Left Alt and Right Shift...
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    Mass-Search Open Playerdex Profiles, using Search Filters

    Currently there's no easy way to even find open Playerdex profiles, let alone search them. To find an open profile you basically have to check everyone's profile, or rely on forum threads/word of mouth. Then you have to look at each of their pages one by one. Very inefficient and ineffective...
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    Alternate Shiny Colour for new Shinies caught WITHOUT Membership.

    This creates a new rarer more valuable variant of shiny, which mostly new players, or people who can't afford memberships, will find. It turns the tables of the economy on its head. Old shinies are suddenly less sought after -- the rich old elites who just log in to show off suddenly won't...
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    Tutorial: How to get Wind Surfboard, fight Elite 4, and travel to the next region.

    Since there's no Wiki page for these topics yet, I made a quick / rough writeup. Please feel free to edit this / adapt into a Wiki page, anyone who has access. It's maybe controversial to give too many puzzle clues and such. Hopefully Staff will not mind this thread. I feel that many players...
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    PokéBank: Extra boxes on Playerdex for long term storage.

    Today's suggestion: PokéBank™: 'Long-term' pokemon storage boxes, accessible only from Playerdex. This would be useful for players who've filled their 36 boxes already, or who dislike clutter. This would be better than the current undesirable methods of using Global Link / Release /...
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    List of open playerdex profiles (pokemon viewable)

    Because it's fun to look at people's pokemon. All new accounts are visible by default now so just listing those with a decent amount of playtime (~50+hrs). PM me or reply with additions/changes and I will try to keep this post updated. 2500+ hours Dragon16 (5573) GuiiHenrique (7867) Jobey...
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    Easy <1hr suggestions for quick improvement of PWO.

    This thread is for ideas that can each be hopefully implemented in less than one hour with average coding ability. In no particular order... Server Extend in-game AFK logout timer substantially (more players online -> snowball effect). Make players visible to others even if they're AFK or...
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    List of spawns (current and past)

    Understanding PWO's economy is an uphill battle for new players. Prices all depend on IVs and rarity, including historical rarity. Using the built-in /list command of the game it's rather tedious to figure out the current rarity / easiest location to find any given pokemon. The wiki is out of...
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    Send mass emails to all registered users.

    There are a huge number of registered users: I forget how to check, but I'm pretty sure it's between like 50k and 500k players.. Send an email to each user, just a simple message reminding them PWO is still alive, and telling about some of the recent developments (elite 4 etc). It would be...
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    Re-release old events

    Most people weren't around for the old ones. Staff keep saying they don't want to divert attention away from adding permanent new content to the game. So just re-release events. For pokemon that aren't that special anymore, for whatever reason, you can tweak a thing or two, but 99.5% of the...
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    Some quick swarm/event spawn ideas

    I posted these on Discord but they got immediately buried in spam.. so here. T1 Ledyba T1 Girafarig T1 Vulpix T2 Miltank T2 Pikachu T3 Heracross (easier than Hidden Crag plz) T3 Makuhita T4 Electabuzz T4 Wurmple T5 Pachirisu T5 Magnezone
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    Server costs.

    What does the PWO server currently cost? What kind of hardware is it? We were told a figure years ago of ~$330 per month on these forums, in the interests of transparency. I've looked and asked, but can't find any up-to-date figures. That price, if still accurate, suggests that we're using one...
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    Full-Screen Tutorial for PWO (Easy - 2 Minutes) *New version works for everybody*

    You don't need to exit your current PWO game to fullscreen it!!! Interruption-free mod below! After the below is set up, all you have to do is run IntegerScaler and press Alt-F11 to toggle full-screen on and off in PWO. __________________________ 1. Download and extract latest version of...
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    [Retracted suggestion] Make pokemon purchases from Mart eligible for cashback payments (after waiting period).

    Has anyone ever gotten any significant cashback from their Crystal bank account? How does it work - what type of purchases are eligible? The bank account page says there's a max payout of 50 million Pd per month. I've never received enough Pd to notice any gains at all, even when spending a lot...
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    Automatically re-post items for sale on Mart + other improvements.

    Selling has never been easier, but it's still a fairly laborious process. With the current economy on PWO, even well-priced things often fail to sell. Currently when things fail to sell, you have to find your pokemon in Global Link, collect it, find it in your boxes, and then re-list it...
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    Advanced personal statistics & map-specific history with /hist command. Possible MS perk.

    This suggestion calls for a new command: /hist (aka /history) which would track several personal statistics, with several usages, numbered below: 1. "/hist" -Total number of wild pokemon encounters on all maps in past 24h (All-time in brackets) -Total number of shinies encountered on all maps...
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    Should Towel change his name back to Mr.Toweliiiiie?

    As the title says. Vote and be heard!
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    PWO Fullscreen/Resizing Workaround (updated)

    EDIT: there is a much better way to fullscreen now: See this thread: This old VM method below is more work to set up, but it has one huge benefit: you can make the PWO window any size, by dragging the corner of...
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    How's Sevii coming along?

    It's been "95% done" for a year or whatever.. what's left to do? Last I heard everything but NPCs/quests is done. Assuming that's true, any chance of previewing some maps/spawns in Holodeck for testing? What is everyone working on? It'd be nice to hear from some of those "silent" staff members...
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    Divide the rarity tiers: Tier 1, Tier 1+, Tier 2, Tier 2+, etc

    "Hard tier 1's", as they've become known, such as Growlithe, Wigglytuff, etc, can be 20+ times harder to find than other tier 1 pokemon like Zubat, etc. In some cases it's very difficult to determine whether a pokemon is a "hard" tier 1 or not. Take Stantler for example - it's only found in...