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  1. LunaticJames

    Event Where the cold reigns

    Merry Christmas to all, and a happy holidays to everyone. Genevieve invites you to her town in celebrations of the year come to past. 2021 was not easy on most of us, but to see it off, Gen has invited you to come and spend some time in NorthBell, the continents most northern town where her and...
  2. LunaticJames

    Client 1.98.3 / Victory Road

    HeyHey, An invitation has been sent to all players. You have been formally invited to travel to the Indigo City to take on the Elite 4, and the Champion. Beyond the reception gate lies Victory Road. Though you will need help getting through. See either of the competing trainers at Lake of...
  3. LunaticJames

    Client 1.98.2 / The Elite 4

    “Where is Elite 4 in game?” “PWO doesn’t have an Elite 4, you can just go between regions freely” Rest in peace those two sentences. As opposed to an event with a limited lifespan, this update will be adding in permanent content to the game with no expiry date. North of the reception gate...
  4. LunaticJames

    Route 8 Swarm feedback

    Ohai Between the posting of this topic, and Sunday afternoon UTC, there will be a swarm on route 8 featuring 5 different than normal Pokemon The /list of route 8 is below I mentioned Hard Tier 1, as while ingame lists this as Tier 1, it would be more difficult to find as the input rates...
  5. LunaticJames


    Hmm, new Forums... this is a strange beast indeed. Ohai! I didn't see you there, I was navigating through these forums, picking out where everything important is, and editing my signature... Introduction: I am me. Who am I? I am a child, like many others, who grew up with the Pokemon...