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  1. Jobey

    2022 Jobey Event Series

    For those who are unaware (or live under a rock) I enjoy hosting unofficial events for the playerbase. My goal every year is to try and host at least 4-5 events (though this doesnt always work out). So for 2022, I've decided to give myself an Event Calendar, to help organize my ideas a bit...
  2. Jobey

    Should PWO get rid of Forced NPC rematches?

    This is a common complaint that for some reason is always ignored when brought up, from what I've gathered from a few people it seems the staff may assume the playerbase prefers forced rematches so that's why such a simple suggestion is just thrown to the way side. I've decided that now, I'm...
  3. Jobey

    Lower Token Transfer Fees

    I mean, 10kpd per 1k token transfer is kind of ridiculous, is there any particular reason for its price? If not, would there be consideration for lowering it? Thanks LOL
  4. Jobey

    5 Years and Counting

    June 6th, 2016. It was 5 years ago today that I discovered PWO. It's hard to believe its been that long as it feels like it was just yesterday. I still remember how it felt that after being a Pokemon fan for 18 years to finally get an opportunity to play a pokemon game. I remember the excitement...
  5. Jobey

    Trade Evo NPC

    Because why not? :D
  6. Jobey

    Removal of Automatic NPC rematches

    I mean, the title is self explanatory, is there ever going to be a plan to remove these annoying and useless automatic NPC rematches? They are utterly pointless and a waste of time, not saying remove the rematches all together, but at least make it where we have to initiate the battle if we want...
  7. Jobey

    More Emphasis on Battle Tower

    A common subject discussed is how to incorporate more content and encouraging more players to be online more frequently. Many suggestions include things ranging from more events and swarms to adding more regions or simply adding daily quests/rewards. Although all these could prove beneficial...
  8. Jobey

    Surf Tutor for a summer event

    The title says it all LOL
  9. Jobey


    Just something random and pointless but perhaps interesting that I thought of after discussing a player changing their username many times. LOL So anyway, this poll is pretty simple and straight forward, I'm curious how many people have changed their in name game over their PWO tenure. :D Also...
  10. Jobey

    PWO Happy Hour

    During a random discussion, a player named Azmo (who was too shy to post the suggestion) came up with a good idea of PWO Happy Hour. Similar to a mini swarm, the idea is that for a random hour every day, pokemon tiers are cut in half in some areas. T5 would become T3 (since there is no T2.5), T4...
  11. Jobey

    Recruiting Gym Leaders

    As some may know, towards the end of 2018 I had a crazy idea to try and implement a different attempt at a player based Elite 4 for the beginning of 2019 (that can be read about here: Although...
  12. Jobey

    3 Years Ago (and my pokemon life)

    I was 8 years old when the pokemon anime first came out in America, I remember watching it and just being completely in awe of it. I also remember the craze of the pokemon cards and battling them at recess. I then soon found out about pokemon games and I so badly wanted to play them, but being a...
  13. Jobey

    Thank you All

    Hey, I'm not great with these kinds of things but I just to say thank you to all the great people I have met on this game. June 6th will be my 3 year mark here and although life has had tons of ups and downs there is a place where I can often go to and just free myself and that place is PWO. The...
  14. Jobey

    Jobey&Jirago Forum Issues

    With the new forums it is currently not possible to edit posts that have set for a short bit (or even thread titles for that matter). Also it appears that we currently cant add word document attachments. With that said, I can no longer post here till this is all rectified. (which is no big deal...
  15. Jobey


    Yes, I was wondering if anybody can tell me if the forums are up yet? They have been down for awhile. :p
  16. Jobey

    Ash's Pokemon Levels

    I got bored and decided to play around with levels for Ash's pokemon and this is what I came up with :cool: . I pretty much did what I would consider the 6 pokemon he would have on his ultimate team. (by ultimate team I mean his most powerful team while still keeping type variety) but I'll...
  17. Jobey


    Just a random greeting to everyone. I hope all who read this have a great morning/day/evening/night  :) Always take care of yourselves and each other.
  18. Jobey


    I kind of had an official mini event idea that may not be to taxing on the staff at the moment. Anyway, here's my basic outline for the event I'm nicknaming Hoenn-vasion. Storyline Basically the event is about an experiment gone wrong and suddenly some Pokemon from the Hoenn region are...
  19. Jobey


    Hey everybody, so I thought of a little poll game concept called "STAR(ter) WARS" (I'm totally not making a "Star Wars" pun :P) The details are simple: 1. A new poll will happen every few weeks. 2. All pokemon will be full evo level 100's (unless stated other wise.) 3. Will be an all...
  20. Jobey

    Ban Isguros!

    WE ban Iggy and the sky is the limit for PWO! :D