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    So its been 2 years since I have played PWO and I have left and joined back several times and my journey has been quite a roller coaster , PWO has been a gateway for me to many other things such as becoming a professional Photoshop artist and honing my skills to making my guild. Its been a...
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    PWO Ranking/Titles system

    I apologise if this suggestion is being recycled as I have already searched suggestions similar to this , but could not find any which is why Im putting one now. Prior to this idea (link above) . I think PWO should have a...
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    Start of a new Chapter!

    I AM BACK GUYS! Yes, your old pal' Zain has finally made the decision to return to PWO, don't have much to say but all I will say is that PWO's memories has fired me up and here I am now , hoping for new faces to meet and adventures to start at! Hi to all newcomers to PWO and To my old pal's...
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    End of the Chapter ....

    Most of you know me , most of you should know me and most of you don't Well...This is it guys , Everyone has their books to write and books to finished. I guess now is the time to put down my pen and close my book. Its been a great pleasure and a great time meeting you all I have been playing...
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    First time posting here after 1-2year , but is there a suggestion thread? would really help because I got tones of useful suggestion to improve the game and no doubt the community does too so Is there or it needs to be made?
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    ....Goodbye Pwo..

    Hey guys most of you will know me , most of you dont.. but im playing PWO for almost 2years now and im leaving...ONLY FOR 1MONTH haha xD , meaning il be back at near 22nd September... im leaving because of real life stuff, but ill be fully active back again soon after 1month , therefore Goodbye...
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    Can't Change Guild Settings

    Hey Staff, i wanted to point out that i cant change the guild settings while being the owner (TeamAqua) problem is whenever i try to change the requirements and everything i want to change, i cant change it the returned errors i get is: "Guild Tag Taken" , i even tried to change the guild tag...
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    How to make a PWO Skin?

    i have contacted lots of skin makers , but they seem to busy all the time, so can anyone make me a tutorial on how to make skins? i use Photoshop Cs4, so please try to make it clear as possible, btw i need a vid tutorial, or written will do , but it has to be clear, understandable and...
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    XATS and SIGS

    hi guys, i just wanted to ask about xat and sigs :) Xat: i dont know if anyone have any trouble with this , but i cant seem to log into it since the PWO forums were moved , so can anyone please help me connect? Sig: whenever i post something new , i cant seem to see my signature for some...
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    Upcoming Events and Updates???

    Just want to ask about any PWO upcoming events and updates, such as new method of donating (SMS)
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    Staff Question

    Hi, I just wanted to ask that, all staff have legendaries? including CG's and Art?? If they do then how do they get legendaries when they be one? Thanks for answering  :P
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    PWO Skins

    can someone plz giv me links to different PWO skins? i already know about them and know how to make them using photoshop but u see i dont get very much time so i want a already made one plzz! lots of them would be great with details... i mean is that u tell me which skin is on which link etc! if...
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    Are there any Tournements for Lvl 40+ Pokemon Trainers??

    i seriously wnna battle now! i hav 3 badges with pikachu,charizard,venusaur,blastoise,pidgeot and rhydon so anyone wnna battle? its been ages since i hav fought a pvp battle ! my last pvp battle was highest lvl 16 when i was a noob lol but now my highest lvl is 46 and i got some very rare pokes...
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    how much is shedninja worth right now? in pokes and dollars
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    Read to Know it Lol!

    lol sorry if this annoyed you ,no bad comments! i just wanted to ask how to judge a pokemon's value?? i have been finding this answer for ages plzz i dont want people saying "oh just play PWO and you will know the prices by heart" no no no i dont want to know it like i just want some link or...
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    Help with Putting on signatures!

    ok how do you put a picture on your signature? i tried putting the url there but it just comes as a url not a picture so how do i put it? i want the old website back :-\ :-\ :P :(
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    Trainer Card Please Help!

    hi guys as the title says i want someone to make a trainer card for me plzz! thanks anyone who does make it for me and i will really appreaciate it! on my trainer card i want is my IGN "ZainPF" all region badges including unova so like kanto johto hoenn sinnoh and unova! my pokemon are...
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    Haloween Event Help

    so far i have put the lemonade on the grave. i cant find the south-west guy to giv letter to. the old creepy guy keeps on saying i havent spoke to all trainers (10) and graves 5. i have spoke to about millions of thme big and small. and i have battles more then 10 i think and spoke millions too...
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    Best Water/grass/ground/dragon Pokemon?

    hi the title says it all... i want every pokemon listed on the types on the title above in pokemon world online to help build my future team and trainer card thx!! <img src="<#EMO_DIR#>/BulbasaurSilly.png" class="bbc_emoticon"...
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    Can I Beat Surge?

    here is my team: charmeleon lvl 24, pidgeotto lvl 25,murkrow lvl 25,beedrill lvl 10,bellsprout lvl 16 and butterfree lvl 16. so i just wanted to ask can i beat surge? what pokemon do u recommend? and plz i dont want to hear "train bellsprout a bit more" cause i dont like training it! plz suggest...