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  1. GuiiHenrique

    Event Pory Event Mapping Contest!!

    I don't want to ridicule or discourage anyone who strives to help the game evolve, quite the contrary, as I said in my first message, I even admire them. The problem is that there are people who select small excerpts from my comments and totally take the focus off the message, which was with the...
  2. GuiiHenrique

    Event Pory Event Mapping Contest!!

    That would be the easiest. After all, it is simpler to ignore someone than to try to understand their point of view. What you see as history I see as an example. This whole part of Skin or the “mini timeline” served to illustrate that the my discontent with the decisions seen in the game comes...
  3. GuiiHenrique

    Event Pory Event Mapping Contest!!

    It would be really special, but you only selected the part you liked!? However, in the ignored part it is said that the sensation that passes is that of a game with a closed community. So, I think we agree that apparently PWO is not a game made by fans for fans, but a game made by fans for a...
  4. GuiiHenrique

    Event Pory Event Mapping Contest!!

    First of all I'm sorry for the double post but I really couldn't answer everything in a single post. Although the topics are together I believe that a single post would cause confusion or an excess of information. Sorry, but I still don't know what the map would look like. You need to keep in...
  5. GuiiHenrique

    Event Pory Event Mapping Contest!!

    Well, from 2012 to 2015 the charges made by the players were summed up in Hoenn's addition to the game. As of 2016 many players began to ask for anything that was new to the game, and it could even be an update on the Battle Tower that was added the previous year (and also from here the online...
  6. GuiiHenrique

    Event Pory Event Mapping Contest!!

    Hello, first I would like to congratulate all players who send their maps and make this competition possible. I would also like to congratulate the Team members who, by allowing this type of event, make the players feel like an effective part of the game. Nor can I forget to congratulate the...
  7. GuiiHenrique


    Responding to the topic, I never changed my name ... and honestly, I had fun seeing my nickname in a random signature. ;)
  8. GuiiHenrique

    Event [Closed] Join Pinkan Island to celebrate Valentine's Day!

    Sorry for my delay, I don't really have much time. My opinion about this event? Hmm... Another event that was more of the same. The difficulty was summed up in memorizing the regions of a huge map that was intended to be a maze. The quest reward was a new item, but useless (which was to be...
  9. GuiiHenrique

    Repurposing NPCs

    I agree it would be interesting to tackle npcs with lvl similar to mine, but I think increasing the prize pool in pds would be a simplistic way to try to improve the economy. I do not believe that lack of money is responsible for causing many players to move away from the game, nor do I believe...
  10. GuiiHenrique

    OHKO Moves in Battle Tower

    Battle Tower is challenging precisely because it allows you to use everything the game can give (both player and npc), removing OHKO moves would only reduce your difficulty level and make it simpler, by making your differential only Battle Points and not EXP awards...
  11. GuiiHenrique

    How's Sevii coming along?

    I think I've seen it before... a long, long time ago.
  12. GuiiHenrique

    Storage Wars! Pokemon Edition.

    In the past I've seen people accusing staff of transferring pokes from banned accounts to active accounts in exchange for real money. I think this is just one more way to generate problems...
  13. GuiiHenrique

    Event Christmas Clash

    The addition of new items, pokes and good places for hunting has resulted in a great event. But the final award was disappointing. Again I did not understand the logic used in the PWO for the choice of prizes. Taking into account that in a previous Christmas event (not to mention others)...
  14. GuiiHenrique

    The 2018 PWO Awards

    Smartest: Tendou Friendliest: Funniest: Coolest: Best Debater: Tendou Comeback Player of the Year: Most Attractive Male: Most Attractive Female: Most Talkative: Most Trustworthy: Kingstone Most Helpful: Aiacos. Most Potential: Most Missed (who parted from PWO this year but hasn't returned)...
  15. GuiiHenrique

    Why is everyone quitting

    Booo, I can say that I started at PWO a few years ago, and I'm not going to lie, I saw great updates in that time that brought benefits to the game. However, these updates that I consider beneficial, are those that came with the intention of correcting the problems created by the previous...
  16. GuiiHenrique

    New Server

    Ding ding, come on ... I do not think it's a good justification to create a new server just by thinking that new players are being harmed. The fact is that no matter what is done, created or speculated, you will never be able to please 100% of the players. Take into consideration also that we...
  17. GuiiHenrique

    [Event] Spring Forth to the Blue Archipelago![CLOSED]

    Naaa, I never thought that a statement of yours was a personal attack, you were just the one who kept active in the conversation ... Giving your feedback by saying how you think it would be best for everyone, and me, I just tried to say that I am based In experiences with past events to try to...
  18. GuiiHenrique

    [Event] Spring Forth to the Blue Archipelago![CLOSED]

    No ... Actually I do not want to talk about history or to say what people have seen or should do ...  Just because I created the map, I put it in my mind that I should not give an opinion or give any feedback about the Event, but the moment I saw comments like "You think it's fair the map...
  19. GuiiHenrique

    [Event] Spring Forth to the Blue Archipelago![CLOSED]

    What do you mean "other players have the right to know"? No players knew about the existence of an NPC hidden in the event, and I think it should continue like this since this is the essence of it. In 2015 in Spiritomb event we already had an NPC of this type (who ended up giving away something...
  20. GuiiHenrique

    [Event] Spring Forth to the Blue Archipelago![CLOSED]

    Dang... No one needs to warn, pay attention to past events, and use their experiences at future events. If in the previous events had a hidden NPC, why this would not have?  '-'