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  1. MaxBlade94

    Why is everyone quitting

    i agree with you ahmed, as and old player, reminds me when I can not find a place to enter the game in the 2015 event, so what has changed since then? I am trying to empathize with a player who has left this game, so i'm thinking why the pwo's graphichs  has changed, Pwos graphics were very good...
  2. MaxBlade94

    PWO Nature-Abillity Poll.

    if they give a chance to change it i would be really happy then i am going to the change my vote to yes :)
  3. MaxBlade94

    PWO Nature-Abillity Poll.

    hmm i voted *No* There are many reasons, There are still many old players with many valuable pokemons, if somethings like this happens then this is The end of the old players. i can not imagine a Modest epic snorlax Xd in my opinion for now better the focus the new maps.
  4. MaxBlade94

    Matileo's G.A - (S)Feraligatr - Finished*

    RE: Matileo's give away - Shiny Feraligatr 1- Are you a pokemon fan? - Yes i am 2- Are you a good and helpful member of the pwo community? - i would say yes cause i always wanted to share my experiences to newbies And I always gave importance to everybody's wish I helped them get their...
  5. MaxBlade94

    The 2016 PWO Awards [Results]

    RE: The 2016 PWO Awards Smartest: Mega.s Friendliest: David9741 Funniest: ahmedov Coolest: AdlerTheMarshadow Best Debater: Dragon16 Comeback Player of the Year: Most Attractive Male: Most Attractive Female: Most Talkative: David9741 Most Trustworthy:justme1988 Most Helpful (other than staff...
  6. MaxBlade94

    Small size PC

    i know this is an update but at least should be a little bigger. for example 30 Pokemon instead of 24 Pokemon per box perhaps more size can grow.
  7. MaxBlade94

    Small size PC

    i really dont like the new poke pc looks im a collector and i wanna see my poke full size in pc as it was before that was one of the main reasons why i play pwo rather than other pokemon mmos out there even my friends liked how it was but other changes our cool and thanks for working hard for...
  8. MaxBlade94

    The games Economy and shiny chance

    shiny chance is still 2048/1 with Ms i think you are just unlucky