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  1. Jobey

    Bad Economy is Players fault?

    I blame @Towel :cool:
  2. Jobey

    "Shiny Sparkle Off" Option Here is a link to the blank sparkles document for any interested.
  3. Jobey

    "Shiny Sparkle Off" Option

    Yeah, that's a great idea, I'll do that soon!
  4. Jobey

    "Shiny Sparkle Off" Option

    Thanks @Nshims! Your fix worked! (Apparently you must replace all 70 "sparkle files" with invisible pictures)
  5. Jobey

    "Shiny Sparkle Off" Option

    Actually, its not as simple as that. As you can see below, if you remove or rename the "sparkle" folder it puts a big white box over shiny pokemon, you basically get white squares in battle, in boxes, and in your team line up. Those are actually worse than the over the top and ridiculous...
  6. Jobey

    "Shiny Sparkle Off" Option

    I agree with this 100%! LOL as crazy as it may sound I really dislike the constant sparkles. I'm okay with it sparkling once like in official games but to be on constantly just bothers me for reasons I cant even explain x_x
  7. Jobey

    Allow starter Farming (as a reset, not new Account!)

    How about, no? This idea is just begging for abuse. If people are unhappy with their starter, they can choose to purchase another from the token store (they can even try their luck at a shiny starter there too). Also besides not having the same usename, is there really any difference between a...
  8. Jobey

    Event The Christmas Mission

    I may not have caught any good pokemon, a leafeon, a deerling, or a single shiny (even though I had an MS >.> ) LOL and didn't get to play as much as I would have liked (thanks Nestle LOL) but the 56 hours I did get to play I really enjoyed. Was a cool event with nice spawns, good tutors, and...
  9. Jobey

    The Nickname List

    Also, @gingerprimarina = Prima
  10. Jobey

    The Nickname List

  11. Jobey


  12. Jobey

    Tm's and Hm's

    You're welcome! Best of luck!
  13. Jobey

    Tm's and Hm's

    There are no HMs, the PWO transportation systems, escape ropes, and the surfboard are in place of HMs
  14. Jobey

    If you could disable a feature, what would it be?

    They could do that or just learn to not be so bitter about everything. It is just a pokemon game after all and not real life, nobody should be letting a game consume them so much.
  15. Jobey

    Automatically re-post items for sale on Mart + other improvements.

    Nice idea, my only complaint is that I don't have a complaint about this suggestion p_p XD
  16. Jobey

    The 2020 PWO awards

    Player Categories: The Youngster Joey award: vyom The Ace Trainer award: Spectre The Clown award: Klay The Professor's Aide award: Iggy The Collector award: Ramen The Pokemon Breeder award: Swift The Painter award: Witchy The Bug Maniac award: Thunderclap Staff Categories: The Engineer...
  17. Jobey

    Sad Picture

    As a Charizard fan, I vote we just remove SR from PWO and act like it doesn't exist :D XD
  18. Jobey

    "Lucky Item" Shiny-Odds Bonus drop item, Shiny-Odds Pokemon Disposal NPC (using REP)

    Not a bad idea actually, just seems overly ambitious though, besides that, I see no major issues.
  19. Jobey

    Display Token Store shiny odds; Make TS "daily deal" discount stack with MS discount.

    Okay, start bursting, just try to not make too big of a mess in the process. XD
  20. Jobey

    Display Token Store shiny odds; Make TS "daily deal" discount stack with MS discount.

    Or just leave things alone in token store and have players learn to hold themselves accountable.