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  1. Marcos-san

    Why is everyone quitting

    Hello everyone; I am currently one of those who have already left the game, even with so many things I wanted to do yet, but I can't because PWO is totally limited in reference to other Pokémon MMOs. Why do I say that? Simply by the fact of "false promises". I have only been playing PWO for a...
  2. Marcos-san


    I'll make the translation in English, if you care. "Good afternoon, support team. I come today to ask for your cooperation regarding an account that I have registered with PWO. I had created an account in PWO and after a few years I decided to play again. Unfortunately, I can not remember my...
  3. Marcos-san

    Server in Ruins?

    Hey, Bluerise, thanks for the reply and clarification. o/
  4. Marcos-san

    Server in Ruins?

    Good morning/afternoon/evening to all; As you know, the server today has only given one miserable fall... JUST A FALL??? So far there are 6 hours of waiting (remembering that I have been counting since 7 o'clock in the morning in my country) and we don't see the server so far repaired...
  5. Marcos-san

    Solving the problem of pokemon old ivs - Resolvendo o problema dos pokemons old ivs

    Muito boa a iniciativa, rato17; mesmo eu sendo um novato em questões como falar sobre nature e ability, também acho que ter shiny's Old IVs (e somente os Old IVs) atrapalham a vida para alguns players que tentam honestamente arrumar um jeito de ser grande no PWO e acabam sendo bloqueados na...