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  1. Klay

    Hello, I'm Back! Hoping to see my old pals, still playing!

    welcome back, toilets are still at the end of the east corridor, right door
  2. Klay

    More Emphasis on Battle Tower

    Yes, but more you add rewards in permanent content (and in this case, already accessible), less potential interesting rewards you can have for Hoenn/any future permanent content/events Plus Battle Tower is boring. Players will come to do their daily 10 runs, be bored because they do it every day...
  3. Klay

    Remove Pokemon from Game Corner

    What if you pay one more voucher to be sure to have an all ivs 10+? and two more vouchers for an all ivs 20+? basically 4 vouchers = Old Amber 0+ 5 vouchers = Old Amber 10+ 6 vouchers = Old Amber 20+ And this system for all other eggs/fossils Also, if you could not write words randomly chosen...
  4. Klay

    Advanced personal statistics & map-specific history with /hist command. Possible MS perk.

    £? Otherwise, I like this suggestion Eventually replace "wild pokémon fainted" by "innocent pokémon left for dead", what do you think?
  5. Klay

    Game freezes before i can even enter my login information

    I don't know Might not fix your problem, but can you run the game as admin? (rightclick on the .exe and choose Run as Administrator)
  6. Klay

    Event The Joy of Halloween!

    Indeed Idk then Am lost Help me
  7. Klay

    Event The Joy of Halloween!

    "A software bug is an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways." so I guess we can call it a bug since it's a flaw that produces an unexpected result (source Wikipedia) How would you call that?
  8. Klay

    Event The Joy of Halloween!

    They don't have any moves, so they're stuck with hidden power Idk if leveling them would bring issues, but if it has pre-evo moves only, evolving can be a mistake
  9. Klay

    Event The Joy of Halloween!

    How can you do this to me? ;n;
  10. Klay

    An popular scammer of 2013...

    If that's a joke, it's very elaborated
  11. Klay

    Bike Chains breaking

    35k the chain Or with a 10k option which breaks again sooner
  12. Klay

    Should Towel change his name back to Mr.Toweliiiiie?

    This will leave a deep wound in our community.
  13. Klay

    Event Quest Improvement

    As I understood in Discord, players can't go further in the quest until Cookday is reached
  14. Klay

    How does PWO make money?

    Making money over someone else's copyrighted contents? I mean, the Pokémon concept and stuff related are kind of obviously Nintendo's properties, and Nintendo is known to easily sue people for using what's theirs To show the problem on another perspective, it would be like taking a book...
  15. Klay

    How does PWO make money?

    PWO doesn't make money (as no staff member is paid for working on the game/websites) and relies on players donations to pay server fees
  16. Klay

    A second chance !!!

    Ok but ban appeals are to be made on Community Watch and certainly not publicly on forums (to avoid unjustified drama opportunities)
  17. Klay

    Sad Picture

    Towel never came.
  18. Klay

    Event Pory Event Mapping Contest!!

    If there's a swarm or an event, staff will more likely make a thread about it + a tweet about it + a discord announcement post about it + a yellow login message ingame about it This thread is/was about a mapping contest using a player's quest idea as subject