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  1. Belemuel

    Event Pory Event Mapping Contest!!

    Calling all mappers! Shodan21 came up with a suggestion for a Porygon-centered event (see thread here), but didn't include a map design because, well, he isn't a mapper :p. So, he needs your help to see this idea through to fruition! The event plot/quest description are the general guidelines...
  2. Belemuel

    Event [Closed] Join Pinkan Island to celebrate Valentine's Day!

    Greetings PWO on behalf of staff we have a Valentine's treat for you. This year for Valentine’s Day, Officers from Jenny Squad opened Pinkan Island for tourists! However, they soon realized they had to investigate issues happening with their guardian Pokemon. I have a feeling they need your...
  3. Belemuel

    Blast from the Past ~

    Hello PWO, For those who don't remember who I was. Let me give you a brief history behind me, I'm Belemuel Ex GE: Mapper from December 2013 - July 2014. Now, I did contribute in this game but for personal reasons and respect for the staff I will not discuss how I left as it lead to a series of...
  4. Belemuel


    I'm returning to the community as a player forum-wise not ingame. So, if you all have any questions about mapping just pm me and i'll try too help out too the best of my ability.
  5. Belemuel

    Goodbye my fellow friends

    I'm saying my goodbyes here and the reason why is Shane offered me about a month ago to be apart of his staff team in his new mmo, I enjoyed making maps for you all and gained a lot of friends and enemies but It's time for me to leave pwo and move on to new things. I may return or may not...