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    I think its been about 5 years since I first joined PWO, nearly 4 since I made this account and then 3 years as a staff member. It wouldn't be a lie to say that PWO has been quite a major part of my life but when it comes down to it, PWO was just that and now the rest of life comes calling. As...
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    <3 you too Shane

    <3 you too Shane
  3. Chocobo7

    A reminder of etiquette

    Due to a number of recent posts I want to take this moment to remind people on how they should be behaving in game and on these forums. Now the other GMs and I have had to remove a number of posts and topics recently because they have been personally aimed at another player and/or group of...
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    Birthday Topics

    Recently there has been a lot of topics created for people's birthdays in this forum section, I want to know if everyone is ok with how they are currently or if a more moderated approach to them would be better. This would mean that people wanting to wish happy birthdays to other players or...
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    This is why we can't have nice things

    Recently Teck has been running an event with the help of a few other staff members, it has been a small, fun event that has allowed a few lucky players access to a certain pokemon. At first this was fine and it ran smoothly, but a small group of players have tried to exploit this and have been...
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    Removing forum spam

    Mostly this is about the Trade section as, for any of you not currently aware, it is currently in a pretty bad state and previous attempts to try and improve it have been ignored by the majority of the posters. I will be attemptign heavier moderation of the section and others where applicable...
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    You should all be very proud

    What can I say, this both caught me off guard and impressed me at the same time considering the server was at ~500 a week ago :D
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    Thoughts on the newest update(s)?

    Updates, a good but often problematic time, where there is guarenteed to be things that people don't like and things that are just simply better :) So this topic is all about people sharing there opinions on any updates that are released. 1.8A Thats my thoughts, how about you...?
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    A bit weird...

    So I was in the mart today and something seemed a bit off, couldn't quite put my finger on what though...
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    Is your character stuck?

    If you are stuck ingame- meaning your character cannot move in any direction- please read the fixes in this post before replying to ask for help. ***** The first thing to try is to type this command ingame: /ref This refreshes your connection to the PWO server. ***** If /ref doesn't work...
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    How Did You Find Out About Pwo?

    For me, it was the fake ad's that were going round in years passed, I saw them when looking for things about the handhelds. Took me a few days to remember about them and I found PWO through Google, so I missed the fake client the adverts were for. <img...
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    Newb Questions

    This was a great topic before the forums got brought back up, so with the return of regestration I thought it would be a good idea to remake it. <img src="<#EMO_DIR#>/PikachuExcited.png" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=":D" /> The...