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    Goodbye, see ya'll around!

    Well it's been like 4 years since i made a account here, and met many great people. It was a joy to play a game with you all, and to all the friends I made I hope all goes well in your lives, and gaming endeavors. Enjoy the game and hope to see you all later! See ya, Knuckles
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    Happy Birthday to me :)

    As title says haha not many vets around that know me but for some hey all!! Feel free to bless me with S pokes hahahahahaha jk jk anyways 24 years today!! Later all
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    Next Event?

    Hey sorry guys for probably a dumb question as I know that the staff had said it was planned to trya event one weekend a month but seeing as how I missed all the previous events since I was a while til a week or so ago does anyone know when the next one will be? This month or next? Thanks for...
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    Hey staff, especially Lee since he is the one i have heard this from. Just wanted to ask if the new playerdex/token store was planned to release at the end of this month? Sorry if I am seeming impatient to just wait, just was wondering so I could plan to put some money back for the token store...
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    Guild Problem!! Help if you can

    Hey guys, I have been trying to get my new guild started for around a month now, and everytime i type in all the info, I get the You dont have enough money to start this guild. I KNOW I have enough money, so i dont know why its saying that. I have 13m right now, but it was even saying it when i...
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    New Guild Problem

    I use to be the leader of the Guild Rare Hunters, and Chaotic Storm. As time went on I figured it was time to start fresh which brought me to creating a new guild. I tried going through the process and when done it would give me an error about maybe a symbol or name or problem of the sort...
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    Shiny Token Store Poke chance?! hmm

    As the titke says this is about the shiny chance when purchasing a poke off the token store. As staff has said when this was created its a small chance and i in no way think that this shiny chance is fake or false as i dont believe staff would create it just for there own benifet but i do have...
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    Friend is Here for Holidays

    Hey Staff, just wanted to let you know my friend roman is home for the Holidays and is staying with me. He has a PWO account IGN: rwilliams20, so i wanted you to know if we are on at the same it will be on my IP address. 2 Totally different people and different Emails just wanted to be safe and...
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    Hey Staff/Players of PWO, For some reason since i started playing in September, my game d/c A LOT! I know that the server lags sometimes and all that and I don't blame there server, maybe its my internet but i have full connection and I am through Coxx, Digital with the fast Internet Coxx gives...
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    So jw is there any place we can still check on the trackers we have going right now? cause when you go  to old forums and click tracker it just brings you to the new forums? I was jw no biggy
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    Sig Help

    Hey this may seem noobish or stupid but i was trying to get my sig to just show the picture after i make a post and not the link to it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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    Lost Shelgon?

    Well, i just put my shelgon in the mart to sell to my other account. I was doing this so i could train it on my other account. When i put it on the market and logged onto my other account. I got in the market and Purchaced it and it said i bought it but then said pokemart error please try again...