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  1. Mr.Toweliiiiie

    New Faces of PWO

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. There used to be another thread called ''Faces of PWO'', but now that the crowd has drastically changed, time for a new one. Post a picture of your face down here so we know who we're stalking --- I mean playing with. I'll start with mine.
  2. Mr.Toweliiiiie

    Shiny Colors

    Greetings. As you know, the economy and shinies have been the main preoccupation for many people. Me and some very very weird person (justme1306) were just talking and he made a very interesting suggestion. What if there were more than 1 shiny form/color available in game? I know this means...
  3. Mr.Toweliiiiie

    Addressed to old players

    Disclaimer: this post does not target all old players. It's about positivity vs negativity. For awhile now, old players log in from time to time for what seems to be solely to bash the game. Saying the game is dead, the economy is dead, and then leave after five minutes. Many do that...