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  1. Rygar

    More sense in moves of pokes in random battles I mean, what is this? It only uses special moves, but has an ADAMANT NATURE which lowers SpAtk?
  2. Rygar

    Battle Tower Pokemon update

    Edited Tentacruel to change ability to Liquid Ooze upon receiving advice from Towely. Realized that Bronzong was somehow left out of the list, so I edited it back in.
  3. Rygar

    More sense in moves of pokes in random battles

    I end up in a similar position with a certain player or 2 wondering why I DCed. I don't feel like fighting a worthless battle. This happens to me when either A: I have no pokemon that can fight back as in the Screenshot, or B: I have pokemon that cannot fight back because the opponent has a...
  4. Rygar

    Client PWO Client v1.98.0

    Started a trend eh? Maybe this could be a new topic in the suggestions thread.
  5. Rygar

    Client PWO Client v1.98.0

    Are any of you going to set the log-in message to warn players not to make multiple accounts to farm unique items etc.?
  6. Rygar

    Client PWO Client v1.98.0

    Thanks for the update. Congratulations for the progress.
  7. Rygar

    Event [Closed] You Dare to Disturb Us? [Halloween Swarm]

    I agree with guros. The duration and setup of how this swarm was made seems ideal, and you can use this as a template for future swarms. Although, perhaps a shift deeper into the weekend would be appropriate? How about some staff checking the logs to see which part of the week has the highest...
  8. Rygar

    Withdraw/ Deposit button is too close to the Release button

    Isn't there already a confirmation screen? If I try to release a pokemon I have to confirm it first. I usually release several at a time but there is a cool down between releases and the game doesn't keep up with my rapid fire approach. I can get pokemon back out of the release box thank god...
  9. Rygar

    Ano and other commands to be accessed at log on screen

    It would be nice if the command for being anonymous would be something we had access to before logging on, and possibly an in game option rather than just putting the command in chat. Being able to disable PMs, go Anonymous, and other features before logging on would...
  10. Rygar

    It has been a while...

    Zammbi, now there is a name I haven't heard in forever.
  11. Rygar

    Battle Tower Pokemon update

    I swear I get frozen in 1 hit every time the enemy has an ice move. Ice Beam/ Fang/ Punch. Then I have to start counting how many dozen turns I stay frozen. I think Guros has a record higher than me for number of turns frozen though.
  12. Rygar

    Battle Tower Pokemon update

    I have made an initial pass through level 9 since I find it the most pertinent. While doing so I have made some assumptions, such as all EVs are 85, and all IVs are 31. And now I'll submit this as a rough draft for proposed changes so people can scrutinize it and possibly add suggestions/...
  13. Rygar

    Battle Tower Pokemon update

    Suggestions are welcome. But until I get an initial list out, any suggestions may be duplicates of work I already did but haven't released. I shall release an updated level 9 list of suggestions as soon as I can and submit it here for scrutiny. Also keep in mind that the computer is retarded...
  14. Rygar

    Battle Tower Pokemon update

    I have copied the lists to my documents so I can work offline, and while doing so I have seen many places that can use improvements. Thank you for including the Abilities since this has allowed me to locate many pokemon that have abilities that only work outside of battle and are therefore...
  15. Rygar

    Battle Tower Pokemon update

    I'll get to work on it.
  16. Rygar

    Battle Tower Pokemon update

    I can work with this. I'll check the abilities on a reliable website and make suggestions when I see a better ability at slot 2/ 3.
  17. Rygar

    Repurposing NPCs

    Well, it certainly wouldn't fix the economy, but it may be a step in the right direction at least. Great, looking forward to seeing this in a future update. ;)
  18. Rygar

    Withdraw/ Deposit button is too close to the Release button If there is an update, I would like the Withdraw/ Deposit button moved to the top slot, and move Take Item down 1 slot. I always get nervous trying to withdraw pokemon with those 2 buttons so close together. Granted, this isn't a mandatory thing, but it would make the...
  19. Rygar

    OHKO Moves in Battle Tower

    I did utilize ohko during towely's tourney, but that has nothing to do with the subject here, other than the fact that OHKO moves are usually banned in PvP, which goes to support the concept that they should be banned from Battle Tower as well. The team I made for battle tower is likewise...