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  1. Saric

    Sad Picture

    Or pure laziness and no drive to even touch the game anymore. Seriously, i've been gone for about a year and barely anything has changed, and before that barely anything changed. You get a few swarms or events, but thats something that GEs can handle. As it is right now, i dont even think this...
  2. Saric

    Addressed to old players

    People new and old are never going to be happy with all aspects of the game. You have the old people who want the old population back and are unhappy on that front, you have the new people coming in who are unhappy and straight up leave over lack of content, mechanics, etc. People coming in...
  3. Saric

    What Would You Like To Suggest To Improve The Wiki?

    Lee made a change to the pokemon info template to allow for displays of EV yield and abilities listed. Some pokemon (up to vileplume at the time of this post) already reflect these changes. If you see any pokemon that are missing this info - no worries. I and ABD are slowly going through them...
  4. Saric

    What Would You Like To Suggest To Improve The Wiki?

    Updating the egg moves info would be...a giant undertaking. Every single pokemon page would have to be updated with a new table filled with moves - a new template (most likely) for showing parent information. I (personally) would prefer to wait for a new template to be made to support this to...
  5. Saric

    Loooong time no see PWO

    20-30 as of late. More when there's a swarm going on (somewhat rare).
  6. Saric

    Loooong time no see PWO

    PWO is still active and being worked on. Though yeah, the population is down by quite a bit compared to years past. Also yes, long time no see.
  7. Saric

    Should unoffensive swearing be allowed in PWO?

    Off topic ofc. Short answer: Either never, or not anytime soon. For now I've lost complete interest in the game bar maybe an event or swarm or two. This has happened before so who knows if I will or not  :P
  8. Saric

    Should unoffensive swearing be allowed in PWO?

    Looks like some people have been told off or banned in the past because of their language here... More to the point of the thread. Voted "no". I think the reason here should be fairly obvious. PWO has always been PG for...obvious reasons. Saying that children can find worse elsewhere is an...
  9. Saric

    About some in game question

    1. The wiki was outdated here - I have fixed it. 2. You use bide. Unable to select another move for two turns. On the third turn it doubles back your damage taken. 3. Rather simple. Take two compatible pokemon to the npc in the daycare. The first screen you will select the pokemon with the...
  10. Saric

    What Would You Like To Suggest To Improve The Wiki?

    Staryu does in fact spawn in cherrygrove city, via surfing. You can see this via /list. As for the others -  Snorunt was only available during those christmas events, and we did not have the tier system back then. As such I can't accurately note what they would have been - so this cannot be...
  11. Saric

    What Would You Like To Suggest To Improve The Wiki?

    As I noted in game (and I think this deserves its own post), all move pages via should all have correct and updated info on them, as well as 5th gen pokemon listed and tables displaying damage ranges and formula (where applicable) listed on...
  12. Saric

    Why is everyone quitting

    Yeah, still far from done I would think. Beyond the actual conversion being done I'm sure there's still a lot of bug fixing and testing that needs to be done before full implementation. On the main post - You can't pinpoint any one reason as to why people have quit. I was around during the...
  13. Saric

    Been away for a while

    To note on the wiki: Do not use the catchable pokemon page on the wiki. It is massively outdated and needs a complete rehaul on it. I plan on touching it after I get the move pages updated. So for now, just use /list in game or look at individual pokemon pages on the wiki.
  14. Saric

    What Would You Like To Suggest To Improve The Wiki?

    All moves on the wiki as per should now have a page on the wiki. Also if anyone comes across any pages that are particularly confusing or too verbose - note them here and I will try to simplify them. And as always if you find something...
  15. Saric

    Best pwo players :)

    PWO awards threads are usually done in december or january of the following year, so nah.
  16. Saric

    New Server

    Just some things to bring up. I've been around for a long time. Since late 2008. I've seen the game go up and down, go through numerous transitions and updates, etc. So going off of that, I (currently) see no issue with balancing, etc. The market is a bit less active than in years past yes, but...
  17. Saric

    Favorite PWO pokemons?

    Pinsir (should be obvious why by now) Swampert Zangoose Most likely. The first two should be a bit obvious but I have always loved Zangoose.
  18. Saric

    Good Change

    Doooooooommmmmmmmmm. And yeah, tokens are more or less sorted now. You (should) get them instantly. Right now however it is best to donate while being loggged out of paypal as PWO is (if it still is) having some issues. It's great to see you back!
  19. Saric


    LAAAAAAAAAPSEY<3333 Good to see you back!
  20. Saric

    Your memorable screenshots?

    After nearly 9 years, I finally got a rare shiny.