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  1. Jobey

    More sense in moves of pokes in random battles

    Oh, you just don't know the right strategy, you are simply supposed to rotate between substitute and rest, and while asleep you spam sleep talk and spam bulk up when awake. In the end, you have the advantage because you are more likely to use all your PP and in turn, more likely to get a 5th...
  2. Jobey

    Client PWO Client v1.98.0

    That could be a login message too! All login announcement suggestions should be in the suggestion section of forums and not an announcement thread even though the suggestion is announcing suggestions for announcements o_O
  3. Jobey

    Event [Closed] You Dare to Disturb Us? [Halloween Swarm]

    Have fun everybody!
  4. Jobey

    Guilds are getting a Boost

    It's pretty nice for non-MS users :)
  5. Jobey

    The Road to Hoenn and beyond.

    Thank you!
  6. Jobey

    Ano and other commands to be accessed at log on screen

    You can set that on playerdex
  7. Jobey

    Battle Tower Pokemon update

    I I've had this happen alot too LOL
  8. Jobey

    The Road to Hoenn and beyond.

    But you guys did do this, you did make PWO competitive as an MMO. Despite everything that has happened, this game is still alive. We may not have the massive numbers of other games but let me ask, what's worth more, 10 quarters or 200 pennies? It isn't always the quantity of the players, its...
  9. Jobey

    Battle Tower Pokemon update

    Ice beam, the move every pokemon in BT seems to some how have XD
  10. Jobey

    Guilds are getting a Boost

    I love these changes so far! :o
  11. Jobey

    OHKO Moves in Battle Tower

    They should stay. BT is already easy enough, no need in removing moves that are an NPCs few ways to put up a fight.
  12. Jobey

    Some Ideas for PWO

    Most of the things you mentioned (more pokemon, more regions, more forms, and etc) are planned but a very long way away as currently technical capabilities and the proper man power is lacking. Stuff such as catchable legendary pokemon will likely never happen as they would disbalance the game...
  13. Jobey

    Repurposing NPCs

    Would be nice, although I think their first encounter levels should stay the same and only 2nd encounters on get the scaled leveling. I like this, nothing more annoying than having to rebattle useless NPCs every 2 weeks. I have been saying since I started the auto rebattle should be removed as...
  14. Jobey

    [ECONOMY] Forcing players to get rid of their poks

    It is fair, you know what those players all started with? 0 hours, 0 pd, and 0 other pokemon. The difference is the time and effort they spent getting to where they are at.
  15. Jobey

    Evolution Rocks

    At last, one of your ideas I can get behind XD I love this idea!
  16. Jobey

    [ECONOMY] Forcing players to get rid of their poks

    So another way to limit effort needed in game right? :/
  17. Jobey

    New Player

    Hey, welcome to PWO! If you have any questions always feel free to ask. We have a small but friendly in game community with most being very helpful. If nobody answers your questions in game our discord is quite helpful. If worse comes to worse feel free to DM me there, only time I won't answer...
  18. Jobey

    Storage Wars! Pokemon Edition.

    PWO just needs more Klay to mould.
  19. Jobey

    Storage Wars! Pokemon Edition.

    Justy is pretty much dead on, something as simple as more moves and a reason to log on could do wonders for the game. Anyway, I think focus on some upgrades to battle tower could prove a safe attempt. It's already like PWO's version of "Daily Rewards" so why not add to those awards by...