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    Woah blast from the past! Howdy
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    Sevii, Fairy, Hoenn

    Good stuff guys - looks like it's coming along well.. Would be nice to install PWO again and explore Sevii someday! Best of luck with the project :)
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    Event Sun, Sea and Hunting!

    Just wanna say I'm loving the positivity in this thread! New items, moves, events, wiki being edited, pwo streaming, dedicated staff - really happy the community's alive.
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    List of open playerdex profiles (pokemon viewable)

    Just made mine public as well. Kinda pissed I'm no longer in the top 10 playtime list :(
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    A God Sighting

    My man, nice to see you again. Remember having lots of random talks during our time at PureTruth. Hope life's good.
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    Guess Whos Back?

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    2021 End of the Year Vote

    *gasp* How dare you? Maybe some ghosts should stay buried *scoffs* hahaha but in all honesty I love this post. Sadly it doesn't make much sense anymore to have an annual awards things with such a small playerbase. But if I could vote, I'd vote for whoever selected Salt & Vinegar to be...
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    About PWO quests, errors and stuff

    ..that was the joke, slowclap.
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    About PWO quests, errors and stuff

    Sorry, too lazy to read the post. From the title it looks like there's new quests coming!? When??
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    5 Years and Counting

    We all know exactly how you feel man! You have clearly been a big part of the community, and made several others grateful for finding this game as well. Wish you the best of luck with life Jobey!
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    Client 1.98.2 / The Elite 4

    Happy to see this. Great work Luna, Jinji, Blue and everyone else involved!
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    The Nickname List

    Same here! Plan on sticking around?
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    The Nickname List

    Bloody hell never thought I'd see you again lol How you been Goku?
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    Once again, the abyss gazes back.

    We could use a major shakeup :P Welcome back Abyssal, let us know how you like all the updates since you last played.
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    "Shiny Sparkle Off" Option

    Haha I was afraid this would happen, the client puts a white box if it doesn't find a picture in the program files. So you just gotta replace all sparkles with a blank image. Glad you worked it out though, if possible attach the new Sparkle folder here so others who want to do it in the future...
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    "Shiny Sparkle Off" Option

    In PWO Program Files Skins > Default > Delete or Rename the 'Sparkle' folder That should disable the sparkles. No point of having this an as in-game option since you won't regularly be toggling it on and off.
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    Rare Pokemon!

    You too, old friend. Hope you're doing well. I'm coming to UK later this year so you better get this Covid thing under control by then! :mad::p
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    Rare Pokemon!

    Booora <3
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    Rare Pokemon!

    The one I have is from 2010/11, so it definitely was rare until this Fossilween event (not sure when this was). Thanks though.