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    Once again, the abyss gazes back.

    Looking back through fhe events preceding or shortly following my previous returns to the forums...I can't help but feel like my presence is a plague. Each and every time has been shortly before or after some kind of major shakeup/disaster in the community, staff, or game. 2011, 2014, and 2016...
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    Once again, the abyss gazes back.

    Been a long time since I've been here, and even longer since I last played. Unable to return to playing atm, but hopefully I'll get to give the current version a try in the near future. Just curious if anyone is still around that remembers me.
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    Who remembers the trainer of the abyss?

    I seem to be seeing that many of the veteran players that used to be around when I was active are returning, figured i'd see who's still here that remembers me. I see Prof. Oak, Bluerise ( *jokingly* they stop blaming you for everything yet lee?), Saric, Jinji, Chocobo, and others are still here...
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    How long have you been playing PWO

    Wow....seeing Karn, Nee, Saric, and Jinji posting on here brings me back to when I was much more active prior to the loss of my account back then due to whatever incident happened. I've technically been a member since december 20089 but didn't start playing until the following march. I still...
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    Trainer of the Abyss Returns....Again

    So during my 3 month absence due to summer and several other mmo things i was doing, such as the Bounty Hounds Online beta destiny beta, and others, apparently the staff took a trip to hell, the game skyrocketed in awesomeness, one of my favorite staff members was apparently forced out of town...
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    It has been a while...

    i apologize for rezzing this thread, but i remember Zammbi, he was the one who stickied my help thread of the direct3d inilizations issue i made back in like 2009-2010.
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    Your memorable screenshots?

    One of my most memorable screenshots, was when one of the DEV's at the time (Shane) returned to the game, and i was having a discussion with him. and he said something few DEV's for a game would say, and that still makes me laugh, unfortunately that screenshot also brings up my pokemon team from...
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    Well then...

    i do believe that error is part of the solutions page,
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    Well then...

    A direct3d intitalization error? if so go to this page
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    PWO Services: Downtime

    I might suggest you try the PWO wiki page all about fixing that error if that doesn't work try this, i believe the windows 7 fix should work for windows 8 but i really don't know. however i do know the solutions mentioned in it do in fact work. how do i know this, when i joined today you might...
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    The Trainer From The Abyss Returns

    Yeah, that was me. as i said in the initial post, i wasn't expecting anyone to remember me, or to know who i am. there are a select few i like to think will remember me. mainly Mantis, although I'd like to believe I was fairly well acquainted with Lee, Arnie, and a couple other players who at...
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    The Trainer From The Abyss Returns

    I don't expect any of you to know who i am or to remember me. but i was a player back in late 2009 to early 2011, I never really made myself widely known, but for those of you who do remember me, i largely stopped playing after my account from then got deleted for some odd reason, but in any...