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    Event [Swarm - May 2024] Booster Pack Opening

    Thanks for the swarm!
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    Server Sevii Islands: Release

    So far I'm enjoying Sevii a lot. I think I've completed most of the quests and I'm hunting right now. Some feedback: When quests are completed, there's a huge need to move from one island to the other to do the "post-main quests" stuff, and each time a ticket has to be used. Up until the...
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    Client Say hello to

    With this new client update, my pc now plays pwo with a different window frame (i believe it's the old one, not seen in some years). Is is there a way to set the window frame to the last one? It's more confortable for me because I can move the window on the top of the screen without having a gap...
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    Server Sevii Islands: Release

    Thank you so much. I've waited so long to see this happen, and from what I got it was worth it! This is maybe the biggest update since I started playing (surely from a map/quest standpoint), and the community lately has been quite lively. It's a good spot to be in!
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    Client Say hello to

    Thank you staff! The box upgrade was much needed! (and sevii... wow!)
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    Event [Swarm - March '24] Booster Pack Opening

    Thanks for the event! How to evolve karrablast? Is it like shelmet, at an arbitrary level?
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    CG Initiative (CGI): PWO Spawn Requests

    Nice idea! Thank you staff! EDIT: Maybe this should be posted on the website "announcements" board? So that it's more visible?
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    Event Tiny Cup ( level 20 tournament )

    Though I lost, I enjoyed the tournament very much. I liked the last "gimmick" tournaments a lot, and I'd love to see more in the future! Also, I think the timing was good, not too close to each other, not too far
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    Event Tiny Cup ( level 20 tournament )

    I won against seancayden. He forfeited after game 1, so I guess it's 2-0.
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    Event Tiny Cup ( level 20 tournament )

    won 2-1 against Viper. Amazing battles!
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    Event Tiny Cup ( level 20 tournament )

    @istikoy , I sent you a PM, please reply!
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    Event Tiny Cup ( level 20 tournament )

    Very good indeed, I had so much fun!
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    Halloween swarm

    Thanks for the event! Loved the spawns!
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    Safari Swarm

    thanks for the swarm!
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    Thanks for the swarm!
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    nice! thank you for the swarm!
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    Announcing: The Candy Canes Christmas Concert

    thank you very much for the event!
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    Little game