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  1. Tendou

    The First with Kings Rock

    The first with a crown-shaped rock where this mineral will be the point of interest for many :D.
  2. Tendou

    NPC Battlings

    Oh... that subject again... but now it is not that annoying faster cooldown suggestion :P I am currently suggesting something for NPCs AFTER defeating them at first time. This suggestion is an option to choice if you want to battle with the NPC or not so you can save that Exp for a future...
  3. Tendou

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Bday PCV!!!!!!! :D
  4. Tendou


    I do suggest the update of /fishing command from level notice to Exp Bar system, similar to the /happy one. In addition no % will be shown when a fishing is accomplished and the Exp gain will be a temporary server notice instead being a chat server message.
  5. Tendou

    Status Moves

    We know there are 3 kinds of moves, Psychical Moves, Special Moves and Status Moves but due the lack of codig status moves are coded as same way as attacking move except for some additional things. We do know there are 3 moves in PWO that ignores the weakness/resistance/immunity, these moves...
  6. Tendou

    Pokemons - evolutionary trees and movesets

    For ages we suggested tons of things, some things were applied but some still around to be done. The following things can e applied without hurting the battlings but still a good additions for some players and pokemons. Smeargle - adding a damage to sketch and/or letting it knows all tms. If...
  7. Tendou

    Exp and PD points

    Due the amount of players not being able to buy surfboard or not being able to trade before the requirements due obvious reasons i was thinking about a monthy EXP and Pokedollar event where non ms will get 50% EXP and 75% money while ms gets a 80% EXP and 140% pokedollar or something like that...
  8. Tendou

    An idea for a giveaway

    If you know what that means, Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming within 3 days. I missed my chance to create a discussion-like thread for april fools about adding a Missigno just for da lulz. What do you think about a playerdex giveaway for TLAPD due our last Pokedex giveaway was made in January...
  9. Tendou

    Leveling my first evah eevee caught by myself

    Heyo! Less than a half o a month i got 2 eevees at safari in less than 24 hours, im almost done with him so i just pointing him out there to cheer up me cause this is my first evah eevee caught (2nd one was kinda meh) and hes a Jolteon now btw: And for quick iv checking...
  10. Tendou


    Well, when I was browsing through PWO forums I got a interesting point about signatures. I dont do forums too much but when I do I read almost everything and rarely answers them. Isn't it a good idea to make signature limited, allowing your signature to be posted only once per page? Tons of...