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    Most missed things so far

    I'm also around though not as much as I used to. I miss the busy trade channels the most. I loved hunting Pokes on demand, then sell them and buy Pokes that are totally useless but I didn't care cause I loved them :)
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    EVs. not Eevees - v1.95.3

    Re: Pokemon World Online 1.95.1 Nice little new features, but I wonder if it's too little and too late...
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    Save PWO Campaign! (Suggestions)

    Yeah, I know, it was the story years ago as well. Yup, three years ago. And it got halted, three years ago. Seriously, when I got here, staff already said that Hoenn maps are 90% done.
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    Save PWO Campaign! (Suggestions)

    Being patient is one thing. But the only new map that was added to teh game since I'm here is Mt. Silver. Granted, others were updated/modified, but you can't expect players to be patient for 3-4 years...
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    Staff members in the forums.

    You see, when I was talking about far too less to fully understand the depth of PWO's crisis and demise, I was talking about that exactly :) In short: There was this guy who helped to create PWO at the very beginning. Namely, he wrote the client code. Then he left to be a soldier. By the time he...
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    Hardcoreh's Log

    And that's why PWO is dead.
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    Situation OUTBREAK

    I always welcome new players who think they can save the world. But honestly Amelia, you're here for a far too short time to really see into what was going on in the past few years...
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    OMG not this again...
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    New Server!!!

    Neither of them seem to bother posting any progress report. I didn't even see Coreh in 3 months :/
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    It is ridiculous...

    Not at all! In a mere 6 months you may be compensated by a S common or something :D Seriously, this is another area where the game drastically devolved during the last year. In the past, even the most complex case was resolved in one month, and trivial ones never took longer than a few hours...
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    PWO Source and what not.

    Sorry for being pessimistic Fonty, but all the major changes were linked to Shane, maybe except of the new moves, but I'm not completely sure about that either. Now that he is gone and Hardcoreh is as (in)active as usual - haven't heard anything from the guy in 2 months - I can't see any reason...
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    The Spawn Rate

    If what Nikola says is true, this is the nastiest, ugliest, stupidest, most arrogant scam I've ever heard...
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    i have lost from misty

    I was lost for Misty for several years. Then I got a real GF :P Seriously, you need to wait 24 hours to be able to rechallenge her. Fortunately, there is the route north of Cerulean ity which has a lot of NPCs and it's an excellent place to train for a young player.
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    A simple doubts

    The passport decides which region you go to first. So if you start in Kanto, you get the Kanto passport. The passport has no further use. Once you collected all 8 badges in Kanto, you will be able to go to Jotho and beat the gym leaders there as well. You won't get a Jotho Passport item, but it...
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    has pwo source code been leaked?

    I am sad to confirm it.
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    Yeah... Server 36% full at the moment... I can't remember when I last saw such a low number there....
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    I would like to say you don't, but the very recent activities suggest otherwise. I'm not completely sure yet, but it very much looks like that if there won't be drastical changes in a few weeks, in less than 6 months this game will be gone forever - or remain to hung around like a zombie with...
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    Fadoka banned!!

    Are you at any rate involved in PRO? It is said to be a capital offense nowadays...
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    PWO Source and what not.

    Xan you should have thought how much PWO means to you BEFORE it was to late. Now that PRO is under development, PWO source is leaked and PWO staff is consisted of unmotivated players and a leadership which is more than incapable of leading the development of the game, I'm afraid that PWO's time...
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    Kein Betreff!!!

    The fact that this thread has only this much posts, indicates better than anything how dead this community already is...