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  1. whispie

    [ECONOMY] Forcing players to get rid of their poks

    For the battlig part; developing games mechanics and making unbroken things working will give more balance and "better" battles imo . Even if all those other issues remain as such, just curing battle mechanics would make it hella better place to fight. İ prefer crappy pokemons with troll...
  2. whispie

    [ECONOMY] Forcing players to get rid of their poks

    Welp,sorry :) for prevoius off topikcing
  3. whispie

    New Fishing Rods

    İ think a very small amount per every 50 level of fishing is doable .it will have rewarding effect those who labor enough .and it will not be vainless labor thinking how hard to get t4-5fishing in some areas . Also kinda meaningless to have same fishing odds with over 200 fishing level guys...
  4. whispie

    [ECONOMY] Forcing players to get rid of their poks

    At least he loves fire thingies not water thingies.he would burn and blast thingies if he fails to rule. But other water-liking dictator-terrorists would do what? Water and feed their enemies very balancedly so they die of boredom...
  5. whispie

    [ECONOMY] Forcing players to get rid of their poks

    And cats bosss,either we rule with cats or im out!!
  6. whispie

    [ECONOMY] Forcing players to get rid of their poks

  7. whispie

    What's the deal with Struggle Bug?

    Beside struggle bug,shuckle move list i a bit mess. Power trick or something is not there.iirc one usefull move too
  8. whispie

    New Fishing Rods

    Dynamite seems a good idea too hmm ,why not all of them ? XD
  9. whispie

    Make rare event pokemon purchase-able.

    Normally im against providing missed events' items,tutors,pokemons as it konda ruins the journey fun/logic of the game.but if it is this limited as you say ,i liked it. Or it may be even further be edited like, u get one item or pokemon or tutor but thats the end. U cant cover up old events but...
  10. whispie

    PWO Happy Hour

    What if ...(deeply thinking face) chances are like 1/x and it is to be something like 1/(x.0,9) ? It is both easy and happy spawn \o/ (eureka face)
  11. whispie

    Unique Spawns by Azmo

    Idea was "fainting a poke to get drop item" so one poke of level120. Though a drop from lvl120team,propably made by fadoka, to get items and bla bla seems intriguing idea to me :D
  12. whispie

    Tooltip pokemon moves

    Are u suggesting definitions from hand held games or more pwo-integrated stuff. Im asking just to specify . Second may be more useful since some doesnt work and we ow "mostly" ge mn 5;but need extra stuff to write/edit. First will be easier. Nice idea overall
  13. whispie

    User already in system message

    Though less frustruting i observed similar issie .same,when conncetion bad and disconnect
  14. whispie

    Stuck in JIBAKURA TOWER.

    #blamelua. as isguros says
  15. whispie

    could old event evolution items be put in game.....

    i agree with this idea. even the amount of items are well enough in server,(which may not be,idk)there is too much stocking . both crying for market idleness and not dropping prices is irritating .
  16. whispie

    Unique Spawns by Azmo

    @Azmo :eek: is someone who is too shy litte butterflyo_O got an idea which i also agree to be fun. Unique spawns for entire server for a week. It is supposed to be real hard like lvl120 mewtwo. Not cathable,but it drops item. 1.One poke in whole server for a week. Better to be in random map,or...
  17. whispie

    Recruiting Gym Leaders

    im totally not jealous at all...
  18. whispie

    Recruiting Gym Leaders

    niceeee :) *cute smile coulndt find ghostly panic here xd
  19. whispie

    is the server currently down?

    nope,just waiting to be reatrated by pc magicians. most likely just a restrat
  20. whispie

    3 Years Ago (and my pokemon life)

    quite an intersting story... what a journey u got... i really laughed about how u find the game and how u hide playing it XD ahaha