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  1. whispie

    Unique Spawns by Azmo

    @Azmo :eek: is someone who is too shy litte butterflyo_O got an idea which i also agree to be fun. Unique spawns for entire server for a week. It is supposed to be real hard like lvl120 mewtwo. Not cathable,but it drops item. 1.One poke in whole server for a week. Better to be in random map,or...
  2. whispie

    all hail mighty bluerise ,saver of our server

    lets all send cute gifts to bluerise for his labor for our server!!! *cats are waaay too cooler than dogs **any cute poke or candy is ok, i guess *** i started spamming by sending him a skitty
  3. whispie

    Vote for Wigglypoleon!!

  4. whispie

    Naming pokes

    just for the fancy, enabling to naming of pokes. for the user or perhaps for the enemy too . for example, cos it is too hard to understand, my awesome crobat will be Lenin. my awesome gengar will be Lenin 2. my awesome honhcrow will be Lenin 3. :D though idk if it takes huge labor or a...
  5. whispie

    Manual Elite 4

    :idea: Since events are fresh blood to game,and  also some players are eager to help to do that, i would suggest a event like whgich i think fairly easy to create. Im inspired from jobey post about being a gym leader :) . Phase 1: People select a theme,type as it is in the game.Use that 6...