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  1. Klay

    2nd chance?

    As Jinji said in this thread, there might be chances they can't review your ban: Also forums aren't were we do ban appeals anymore (mainly to avoid unnecessary dramas).
  2. Klay

    Stuck in JIBAKURA TOWER.

  3. Klay

    A second chance

    Welp, you can copy-paste what you just said and put it in an appeal in the Community Watch (ban appeals aren't on the forums anymore)
  4. Klay

    [Begging Service] Klay's Begging Service

    Despite what members of this awful spiritless guild say, this is still open
  5. Klay

    is the server currently down?

    next time:
  6. Klay

    Recruiting Gym Leaders

    Idk about Clefairy, but Misty had a Togetic in the anime, so it's not out-of-theme edit: no Clefairy in her team, but she does have a well-known Psyduck (in case you don't know what you replace Clef with)
  7. Klay

    Miley Cyrus - Party In The P.W.O.

    It's more like a group feature as most MMORPGs have, but guild quests could be viable aswell... ...but I don't like the idea of another join my guild spams ingame, and guild-only quests will result in this apocalypse
  8. Klay

    Same old story with Ecruteak City Gym

    If you're from Johto: - you made the right decision - try 2 up 3 right 2 up 3 left 2 up If you're from Kanto:
  9. Klay

    Security Question Reset

    You can change it in the Playerdex website
  10. Klay

    A God Sighting

    Maybe because they played more than new players? There's nothing sad in meritocracy.
  11. Klay

    Event The Vote is Closed!

    Azumarill ≠ Azurill
  12. Klay

    Naming pokes

    what if swears?
  13. Klay

    I'm back

    We are waiting for your mighty suggestions.
  14. Klay

    Miley Cyrus - Party In The P.W.O.

    hi all. when i started back in 2015, i needed some help to find the leek in Ilex Forest, and guru and jinji helped me. actually, jinji helped me more, since he found the leek, but having guru by our side was still fun. i took a screenshot during the search to be sure i'll never forget this...
  15. Klay

    how to get to celadon city???

    As said ingame, go in Lavender, and then go on route 8. There are 2 houses, and one of them is a tunnel for Celadon. Don't be scared to ask that kind of things ingame (Help channel), we don't bite edit: Towel bites actually...
  16. Klay

    full screen

    What you can do to play on a bigger window is using a recording/streaming software like OBS. You need two screens for that tho.
  17. Klay

    New Faces of PWO

    Keep your face Nick! This thread is waiting for faces in instance to steal people's soul!!!
  18. Klay

    Event Christmas Clash

    told you pyro was nub side :V
  19. Klay

    Thank you All

    don't mind me, i'm space Hi! I'm adding a small non-white block of text to say that Jobey made my soul cry. Lol I don't have any soul #pranked anyway hope next years will be better on your raellife friendships. Because PWO friendships are pretty meh :V
  20. Klay

    PWO New Year's Resolutions

    My PWO new year resolution would be 4k Ah, and also I dislike Jobae's resolution