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  1. Klay

    Miley Cyrus - Party In The P.W.O.

    hi all. when i started back in 2015, i needed some help to find the leek in Ilex Forest, and guru and jinji helped me. actually, jinji helped me more, since he found the leek, but having guru by our side was still fun. i took a screenshot during the search to be sure i'll never forget this...
  2. Klay

    The 2018 PWO Awards

    After some hours, here's the results: Members Smartest: Isguros Runner-up: Paarthurnax~ & Tendou Friendliest: Mr.Toweliiiiie Funniest: pokewhisperrer Runner-up: Isguros & Klay Coolest: Slicky Best Debater: Isguros Runner-up: Mr.Toweliiiiie & Tendou Comeback Player of the Year: ABDisback...
  3. Klay

    [REMOVE] Stalker Update 3.0

    Hi. Today, I'm angry. Why? Because Isguros removed me from his friendlist. Why? Because of an update with no announcement. An update which would be useful in a game with many locations and real reasons to be in the same map as your friends. But that's not PWO's case. It only takes few mins to...
  4. Klay

    [ECONOMY] Forcing players to get rid of their poks

    This idea was born tonight, while Ahmed/Midou was sharing interesting but unbalanced suggestions in Discord about thunderclap's thread. (link to said thread) I'm also conscious 99% of people reading this will be totally against this idea, and I don't mind. World is full of selfish humans who...
  5. Klay

    [Begging Service] Klay's Begging Service

    Today is a new day. Today, I, what the nyx I'm saying, I beg. I played to some MMOs (maybe 7 or 8 more intensively). I know how beggars are annoying. But older players have to help PWO community if they still want it to be this warm chilling place. And it is a good investment to give...
  6. Klay


    Everything is in the title :P
  7. Klay

    Pooping people who caught "nice" poks?

    First, sorry for my crappy english. During the mini-event, i caught a nice eevee and told ivs in Help channel. And instantly some people asked if it was for sale, and i said "no". Few minutes after, they and other players started to open wild private messages to ask me how much i wanted for...
  8. Klay

    Seeing a forbidden word in forums' profile

    Hi When you check the profile of someone (in forums), you have a "***" part in the "Additionnal Infos" stuffs. As far as I know, this word is censored in game, so it could be logical to replace it by "Gender" in forums too. Yeah, that's kinda only to be annoying :P
  9. Klay

    Can't make reports

    Hi :) Today i tried to make 2 reports in the community watch, and cause i don't see them in the community watch, i tried to make a report in the bug catcher...that i can't see too :/ When i click on submit, it open the page to make a report... Should i pm a staff guy to make my reports? Thx :)...
  10. Klay

    Problem to login

    Hi all :) Since few hours I have some issues to log in the game: the launcher always says "Can not connect to PWO server, Please try again later. Most likely PWO Server is currently turned off" I tried to close and re-open the launcher, perform it as administrator, check the server statut...