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    Goodbye, see ya'll around!

    Well it's been like 4 years since i made a account here, and met many great people. It was a joy to play a game with you all, and to all the friends I made I hope all goes well in your lives, and gaming endeavors. Enjoy the game and hope to see you all later! See ya, Knuckles
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    Sorry you didnt really get them: I got a S aipom and glad it wasn't a bug
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    So did you really get a S aipom and Pineco? Or was it a bug and you didnt get them shiny?
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    Hey Buggot :)
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    I'm back ???????? Maybe.

    I remember you, I think i made you a umbreon skin
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    PWO Source and what not.

    NVM, the img shows enough
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    See ya later Zain :) Really!
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    "Shiny Chance for Token Store" question.

    I know what you mean franc: I got 45 Whismurs, 1 Dratini and 0 Shiny :( I am done trying haha
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    PWO staff updates

    Where is this game to download?
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    Update on Client Permissions.

    As of right now there is not a new client for you to download: From what I have understood our game accounts and playtime will not be deleted, and the Membership will be extended for the downtime period. As far as needing a new client I believe something is in the works for this solution...
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    Finally S Bagon ! - So Lucky S Larvitar Now ^^

    Re: Finally S Bagon ! ^^ How many tries? When i was testing the new pdex for lee i got lucky and got S zangoose but it was on the copy database and i couldnt have it transfered o er when pdex went live :( and i tried 9-10 times on S bagon when live and no luck
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    PWO Services: Playerdex Changes

    Yes the name change will work, its a item on the mart.
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    Blue's Log Of Updates

    finally! GREAT JOB
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    Blue's Log Of Updates

    Thats good news behind planning i guess but almost there mayne this month :)
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    Blue's Log Of Updates

    So its mid august any news?
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    My biggest luck

    That S fera needs to come home to daddy
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    Shiny from token store

    I thought it was like changed to a 5% chanxe if its 1/8000+ there would be no point in trying anymore for me. No wonder its been forever since i got one after hundreds of dollars. Oh well guess thats why its donations
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    My Bonus dratini token!??

    If the bonus pokemon is Shiny it is minimum 8 ivs: Since yours isn't shiny its 1-31 ivs
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    How are status potions not in game?

    Or do what i do and get a ton of revives and hyper potions and boom if it faints revive and heal :P
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    Caught My First Golden Fish

    what were its ivs with the new ivs