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    Charity and 4th Gen Starters - Token Store

    Free at last free at last. Thank Arceus almighty we are free at last.
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    End of PWO?

    What I meant by "piece of candy" is something that was implemented in the short term that had negative long term consequences. Like for instance having all these rare spawns in every event early on made it really hard for events to be meaningful now. It set the standard too high to be...
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    End of PWO?

    Oh man that screenshot.
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    End of PWO?

    For someone who didn't mean to poison the water, you seemed to reference an awful lot of posts from a certain era of time that definitely did intend to poison the water and were used during that time for such. For someone who didn't mean to poison the water you seem to prefer a time when the...
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    End of PWO?

    There are other games with like-minded individuals. Feel free to join one of those. It's a lot easier to push content out and get people to be happy that way rather than sustain a game by fixing its problems and putting content on the backburner until then. I'd much rather a game where the...
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    Haven't recieved tokens!?

    I only said that because I didn't know that myself until last week. Lol Mike had to tell me where to collect them. >.>
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    Haven't recieved tokens!?

    Go click Donate > search for tokens (appears on the right side of the screen.) That should fix it.
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    Adverts on playerdex

    Great idea, obviously still has some work to be done. I would love a way to search the pokemon on there like the rest of the market.  You just can't do price ascending/descending, and could maybe replace that bit with a rarity slider.   Like searching for only 2/5 or 3/5+, etc.  It would let...
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    Game Progression, News, Updates and Staff Discussion

    RE: Staff Progression, Updates and Discussion Sweetboi, the staff are lying to you. Rig is a ghost, everyone else are lions, especially Jinji.
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    If you were a staff member, how would you contribute?

    I would post memes and work for the art division drawing ultimate Saric-level art for the game using MS paint.
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    pi in 200 deciminal number

    I reject your reality. C: You should still do it.
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    pi in 200 deciminal number

    Jinji if you look real close you can find that there are  3x  32s in there.  This is the inverse of the number 23.  As the movie shows this is no coincidence.  This inherently means that you are being instructed to delete your system 32. Do it Jinji. Do it for the better of the free world.
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    Server Down?

    GM plz halp m3.  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?  >:  I need to know.  Emergency GM.
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    Cant find my Pokemon

    Also just for reference, there is no crime in having multiple accounts. HitmonFonty operates on over a dozen accounts by his own admission. However the issue is when these accounts are purely for farming and nothing else. If you play on the said accounts and it can be clearly shown it isn't...
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    guild cost debate

    I feel like the fee should be a flat amount. Having a guild fee based on a % of the total money in game was an old system implemented during times of bad inflation. That is obsolete now and I don't think people should be required to pay that way anymore.
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    Making Pwo great again !

    It's gonna be YUUUUUGGEEE!
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    Making Pwo great again !

    It was done with an illegitimate system. Certain individuals abused power to make sure their friends or themselves got specific things. The staff makeup did not change until after the purge of 2014 when things got better to be blunt. Reasons why it is a bad idea: 1. Some of those pokemon are...
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    Solving the problem of pokemon old ivs - Resolvendo o problema dos pokemons old ivs

    @Jobey I agree with your sentiment but the issue is staff are moreso trying to engage the community about this to minimize a potential backlash. With something like this if you just create a system without warning or don't go through these steps, people will just retaliate and raise pitchforks...
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    I finally found the fourms

    Have fun and welcome to the party. I would say there are cookies on the counter but Jinji ate them all.
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    Solving the problem of pokemon old ivs - Resolvendo o problema dos pokemons old ivs

    Yeah and I get that part.  Personally, I wouldn't mind a system that locked a pokemon once whatever the system is changes natures/abilities from being traded.  The battling bit I disagree with for the above reasons, but I see no reason to disagree with locking a pokemon once changed by whatever...