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    A ghost from the past

    Franc u old handsome man! How are u? We were talking of u just a couple of days ago. I was saying i missed my old s lappy, hope its still with u. Nice to see u here!
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    Event The Holidays Are Here!

    Great event so far guys! Well done staff! This event has made me want to play more, so time to suit up after event ends and start the shinyhunt!
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    Just a random thought

    This is great Isguros! You will have my vote for sure. My quote still stands :D
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    Catch of the year

    Awww Pene, u finally found one!!!! Congratz ! :D:D
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    Pwo 2017 Awards / Fnal Results /

    RE: Pwo 2017 Rewards Smartest:Electrofreak Friendliest: grchw Funniest: Isguros Coolest:Klay Best Debater:Isguros Comeback Player of the Year: Penelope :D Most Attractive Male: MudkipSwag Most Attractive Female: Penelope :D Most Talkative:ahmed Most Trustworthy: Slicky Most Helpful: Isguros...
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    Your memorable screenshots?

    Big congrats Saric! Very well deserved! The grind is finally paying off :P :D
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    End of PWO?

    Here we go again! Another negative post by "shane-fans". You have no right to tell us what to do with our free time, if we want to play this awesome game we will do so for eternity!! Be gone!
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    Hello people

    Hi Franc! Im sad that u closed down Nitro :´(, otherwise im all good. How about u?
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    Give us your feedback! March 24 Spider Woods Event.

    And as usual u people are here with your negativity and respectless comments and threads. Just stay in your other game if its so much better instead of being here spreading hate. I liked the event, thought it was good focusing on hunting. Only downside in my opinion was that shellder was a...
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    [Weekend Event] Back to the Woods! CLOSED!

    RE: [Weekend Event] Back to the Woods! March 24th. Looking forward to it sensei Riga!
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    Matileo's G.A - (S)Feraligatr - Finished*

    RE: Matileo's give away - Shiny Feraligatr 1- Are you a pokemon fan? -I am, i have been following pokemon since i started watching it on national tv in sweden during the weekends as a kid 2- Are you a good and helpful member of the pwo community? -Yes, i would like to say that i am. I...
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    The 2016 PWO Awards [Results]

    RE: The 2016 PWO Awards Members Smartest:hurts me to say Isguros :P Friendliest: MudkipSwag Funniest:Isguros Coolest: Mindless Best Debater:Electrofreak Comeback Player of the Year: Most Attractive Male: Most Attractive Female:Charlotte Most Talkative:MudkipSwag Most Trustworthy:Blade...
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    big congratz grchw! nice catch!
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    How long have you been playing PWO

    i started back in 08, sadly i dont have that account left since i took a 2 year hiatus (when pwo were shut down for a bit) and thus the account getting deleted. i came back to pwo in 2014 and have since then been playing as much as my work allowes me too :)
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    A more forgiving token store.

    I agree with both of u, and u all know ive donated plenty :P. Dont get me wrong, ive been lucky and gotten quite alot of ts shinys. But there are times where ive donated 3-400 euros without getting anything, which really makes u feel abit sick. i'll probably keep donating even if nothing is...
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    cant connect to server

    if the status says online and u still cant connect, the server has frozen and needs a restart, never anything wrong with your client. so please, no more of these topics.
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    Hello guys

    miss ya you devilish leader :)
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    Ecruteak City Gym

    in this thread you can see the path, just click reveal under ecruteak city gym
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    The 2015 PWO Awards (Results)

    Re: The 2015 PWO Awards. Members Smartest:Electrofreak Friendliest:CharlotteOne Funniest:Isguros Coolest:Ashketchup Best Debater:Electrofreak Comeback Player of the Year: Most Attractive Male: Franc92 Most Attractive Female:gingergirlaqua Most Talkative:alan Most Trustworthy:sylpharionz Most...
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    What should I do after defeating 8th gym Johto?

    the npc cooldown resets after a while so u can battle them again, othewise just hunt and sell poke or just hunt and farm up money so you can buy a surfboard. then you can surf to tohjo falls and kanto from new bark town. good luck!