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  1. Tasigur

    Lets discuss staff laziness. Lack of updates

    Wow we are still discussimg the quote I put? Here let's see if I can end it. Moo, go back and re-read what it said. Did I actually call him names or only referred to what he wrote?
  2. Tasigur

    Lets discuss staff laziness. Lack of updates

    You make it sound like I was making an excuse, I was just informing you where it was from. I see no need why players can bash away at any staff member and be exempt from the same treatment. I would like to see that in any other profession. If a player wants to be treated with respect and...
  3. Tasigur

    Lets discuss staff laziness. Lack of updates

    I also assumed his gender! E-gasp!! It was a quote from Billy Madison. Not the best movie, but very popular and highly recommend.
  4. Tasigur

    Lets discuss staff laziness. Lack of updates

    "Mr Georgelzr what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award...
  5. Tasigur

    Lets discuss staff laziness. Lack of updates

    Lets make this a formal discussion. The issue at hand is the lack of updates has resulted to the the unhappiness with the performance of staff. First of all, GM's and CGs do not deal with content of any kind. Please exclude them from any ill feelings regarding this topic. Secondly we have...
  6. Tasigur

    Why is everyone quitting

    Maybe some staff are really tired of entitled players and that's the real reason we don't do as much work as you would like. I'm going to take a second to stop playing casual, relaxing, overwatch so I can respond to this thread that has made me even more demotivated to do any work for this...
  7. Tasigur

    Hello Discord, Goodbye IRC.

    For those that are part of guilds, I highly recommend creating your own discord server and using voice chat while you play.
  8. Tasigur

    Game Progression, News, Updates and Staff Discussion

    Since Rig, by posting in this topic, appeared to have given the OK to reply, I shall give my update. I am still working on rewriting every single NPC to the next system. Luminance has provided a tool to organize this easier so have recently started utilizing that. When I have finish with this...
  9. Tasigur

    The End Game

    I've got some bad news....
  10. Tasigur

    A new leg in our journey

  11. Tasigur

    Matileo's G.A - (S)Feraligatr - Finished*

    RE: Matileo's give away - Shiny Feraligatr Please do not add me to the entry, but I will still answer: 1- Are you a pokemon fan? What the hell kind of question is this. 2- Are you a good and helpful member of the pwo community? Negative 3- How long you've been playing ? Difficult...
  12. Tasigur

    Missing pokedex informations!

    *Has difficulties reading* Yes, I think obtaining pokes via trade in playerdex the info isn't added to the pokedex.
  13. Tasigur

    The 2016 PWO Awards [Results]

    RE: The 2016 PWO Awards BALLOT FORM Members Smartest: Friendliest: Funniest: Coolest:  Best Debater: Comeback Player of the Year: Most Attractive Male: CheckeredZebra Most Attractive Female: Isguros Most Talkative: Most Trustworthy: Most Helpful (other than staff members): Most...
  14. Tasigur

    Raceway, Battle Search Feature and PC Filters

    Well, as no one else has addressed this I will. I am not 100% sure what the history of the raceway is. I believe at one point it was a money exploit and has been a caused for other issues. Most likely this is why it's not currently in game. We are currently updating our scripting language to...
  15. Tasigur


    With the sparkle right over its eye, it looks like a derp shellder.
  16. Tasigur

    How long have you been playing PWO

    Who's been playing here long enough to remember this?
  17. Tasigur

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    I like your ava. Other players should take note!
  18. Tasigur

    pewter city tram scam

    We already have a plan to introduce changes to suggestion number 1 that should help the issue. This will be apart of our large overall update planned. When you hit the wood plans blocking the eat route, you actually receive a message that you need the boulder badge prior to fighting misty...
  19. Tasigur


    Technically, kids play this game and are on this forum. :P
  20. Tasigur

    How long have you been playing PWO

    Just curious how long the current community has been playing. Feel free to post your join date below for your oldest account (not necessarily the forum account you used to answer this question).