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    Tutorial: Remapping buttons for easier hunting.

    It's only against the rules if you use it to gain some kind of advangage, for example making one buttonpress register multiple presses. Simple remapping has always been allowed in PWO afaik. Give the instructions a shot and if you get stuck I can help. It's really very easy, even though it...
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    Tutorial: Remapping buttons for easier hunting.

    I use a program called AutoHotKey because it's the only thing I've found that lets you assign a Mouse Click to the keyboard. ___ 1. Download AutoHotKey and install. 2. Open Notepad and copy/paste the following: LAlt::LButton RShift::LButton RCtrl::2 This turns your Left Alt and Right Shift...
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    Full-Screen Tutorial for PWO (Easy - 2 Minutes) *New version works for everybody*

    Yes there is, but it's a lot more work to set up, and you need some computer skills. Works very well as long as your PC meets the minimum specs.
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    A God Sighting

    Log into Playerdex. Click "My Account" in the top-left. Then "Profile" off the side menu. Change "Profile", "Team", and "Pokemon" to "Players only". Scroll down and click Save.
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    A God Sighting

    Boo! Open your profile please! I wanna view your pokes. Edit: Upon closer inspection of the screenshot, it says you are a [DEV]. Does that mean these are untradeable, even if you wanted to trade them? How did you come to acquire them? Usually staff make a second account so their staff pokemon...
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    desya PWO

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    Change keyboard language to United States. PWO has poor compatibility with unicode / other languages.
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    Hot-N-Cold [EP. 2]: Scorn The Resilient Skorupis

    Great job AK. Really nice range of statistics you tracked - quite interesting. My experiences in this event were somewhat anomalous: I found only 1 Skorupi and 6 Magmars in about 40 hours of hunting. Also 6 shiny Machokes and two S Gravellers. I refuse to believe Skorupi was an easy Tier 4...
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    Full-Screen Tutorial for PWO (Easy - 2 Minutes) *New version works for everybody*

    I updated the instructions to remove the unnecessary step of downloading 7Zip :). Thank you @MT4k.
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    Full Screen Resolution and Windowed Mode

    Full screen is possible now: (Saw someone viewing this old thread, so thought I should update it).
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    How to get held items

    Either. Some people farm battle tower every day in order to get points/items. You can buy/sell on Playerdex mart website, in-game, or if you can't find what you want, make a post in the Trade channel of PWO's Discord server. An item that costs 300BP usually goes for 250-300k Pd. The easiest...
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    Reenvisioned Battle Points

    I really like this. Battle points/items are pretty essential but the only efficient way to get them is to spam custom battles, which is pretty boring, IMO. There's a set payout with no chance for luck. And it means you can't be doing what you want, in my case hunting shinies. It'll be really...
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    Any Mods/Admin Online please? regarding my appeal ticket.

    Hey Mikhael, it's awesome you're thinking of returning to PWO. I'm not staff but this is a common enough question, I can say a few things you might find relevant: -Bluerise is still active in the background.. so he should at least see your message now.. -If you were banned for...
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    Event Where the cold reigns

    Thank you guys for the replies. Much appreciated. Great to hear, and made me laugh! Just if there's anything real and noteworthy, like structural/policy changes. I wouldn't want that documentation to take away from other possible progress. If there's already a list that's been made, then sure...
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    Event Where the cold reigns

    Thanks again for this info. Any updated tidbits related to Sevii available? How has Klay's departure affected things? Any guesses whether Sevii will release this year? How's Bluerise doing? Haven't heard from him in a while.