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    Event Pory Event Mapping Contest!!

    Please submit all maps to me via a PM. Thanks
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    Event Pory Event Mapping Contest!!

    Calling all mappers! Shodan21 came up with a suggestion for a Porygon-centered event (see thread here), but didn't include a map design because, well, he isn't a mapper :p. So, he needs your help to see this idea through to fruition! The event plot/quest description are the general guidelines...
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    Not quite a return

    Welcome back Kai
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    Once First Playername was LordofDarkness then LordBelemuel. Staff name has always been Belemuel
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    The Nickname List

    Eh lets see here Bele, Lordy, Mimikyu.
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    Event [Closed] Join Pinkan Island to celebrate Valentine's Day!

    Thank you all for taking part in this event. This is now officially closed.
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    Event [Closed] Join Pinkan Island to celebrate Valentine's Day!

    Greetings PWO on behalf of staff we have a Valentine's treat for you. This year for Valentine’s Day, Officers from Jenny Squad opened Pinkan Island for tourists! However, they soon realized they had to investigate issues happening with their guardian Pokemon. I have a feeling they need your...
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    A ghost from the past

    The only ghosts here are Jinji and I
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    The 2019 Pwo Awards

    Members Smartest: Klay Friendliest: Shodan Funniest: Jobey Coolest: Comeback Player of the Year: Can't vote for myself :P Most Attractive Male: Most Attractive Female: Most Talkative: Guro Most Trustworthy: Most Helpful: Shodan Most Potential: Rygar Most Missed (who parted from PWO...
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    The 2019 Pwo Awards

    I'd do a post but considering I came back in the middle of November. I will pass on this year's thread.
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    Event The Holidays Are Here!

    I'd check everything again there are tricky to find.
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    The Road to Hoenn and beyond.

    I would like to finish the project and make it come to fruition. This has been going on for years and was so close to being done.
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    Blast from the Past ~

    Bump yes its an old topic and figured it would be best to not make a new one.
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    Blast from the Past ~

    Hello PWO, For those who don't remember who I was. Let me give you a brief history behind me, I'm Belemuel Ex GE: Mapper from December 2013 - July 2014. Now, I did contribute in this game but for personal reasons and respect for the staff I will not discuss how I left as it lead to a series of...
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    Client Update 1.96

    Nice update Donar! keep up the awesome work and the rest of staff as well